10 Tips to Protect Your Travel Trailer

There’s nothing better than a little outdoor time with the family. Tenting with the kids is always a ton of fun, but at this age, having something a little more comfortable to sleep on is never a bad option. Of course, you can just sleep in the car, but that kind of ruins the experience.And […]


Improving Home Safety From the Inside Out

The world can be a scary place, full of things and people that can do us harm. But the reality is most people are injured in their own homes. Makes sense when you consider how much time we spend in our house. But your domain doesn’t have to be a death trap. Here are a […]


Magformers – My First 30 Set

This holiday season my daughter received her first set of Magformers, the My First 30 Set. The 30 piece set is a colorful plastic magnetic building set that is the perfect toy for anyone who loves to build. Even thought the set was for my daughter, both my children, ages 3 and 10, took to […]


It’s Not Just Black and White: Comparing the Facts of Life

Some people say that flipping a coin is a good way to make a decision because you’ll suddenly realize which option you want to win while the quarter spins in midair. That’s fine and dandy for picking a place to get pizza with your friends, but probably won’t (shouldn’t) cut it for major life choices. […]


The Grid – Website Creation Powered By Artificial Intelligence.

Disclosure: This post brought to you by The Grid. Meet Molly! She’s young, she’s learning, but she’s already designed hundreds of thousands of web pages. 24/7 she’s experimenting, figuring out what works & what doesn’t. She’s quirky, but will never ghost you, never charge more, never miss a deadline, never cower to your demands for […]


Michigan Bucket List – Reasons To Visit The Great Lake State

The world’s longest fresh water coast line, 11 thousand inland lakes, 19 million acres of woods, and festivals throughout the year make Michigan worth visiting. Things To Do In Michigan 1. The Henry Ford – Voted as one of the best museums in the country, this museum dedicated to the iconic Henry Ford and boasts […]


Ripley’s Believe It Or Not – Orlando, FL

Disclosure: Admission was provided for my family. Growing up one of my very favorite TV shows was Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! I can even remember my favorite episode, the one with the lizard man. He had tattooed his entire body with scales and even had his tongue cut in half to look more like a […]


Maine Bucket List – Reasons To Visit The Pine Tree State

Whether you’re calling it The Pine Tree State or Vacationland, there’s no doubt that both nicknames for the state of Maine were coined for a reason.  There is so much to do in this picturesque state that one vacation here will leave you planning the next one just to see the places you’ve missed. Here’s […]

Indian Lakes

Indian Lakes RV Campground – Batesville, IN

Located just a short drive from Cincinnati, Indian Lakes RV Camping Resort is a lovely resort that is packed with things to do. With over 800 sites, there is truly something for everyone.The park is divided into four phases. The first phase is for people looking to keep their camper there year round. The second phase […]

Ocean Front RV Site

Sunshine Key RV Resort – Big Pine Key, FL

Located on the 75-acre island of Ohio Key, near Big Pine Key in the lower Florida Keys Sunshine Key RV Resort provides the perfect gateway for anyone looking to vacation in the tropical island chain. Sunshine Key is open year round and has 399 sites available. It can accommodate any size rig, and offers a large variety […]

The Turkey Hill Experience

Turkey Hill Experience – Columbia, PA

The Turkey Hill Experience is a huge 26,000 square foot building that is filled with nine interactive exhibit areas that allow visitors both young and old to learn more about dairy culture, the story of Turkey Hill Dairy, and how the company’s top-selling ice cream and iced tea flavors are selected and created! When in the […]

Wreath For Door

Great North West Fresh Christmas Wreath

I will just come out and admit it- I am a wreath-o-holic! I have a wreath for every season,  every holiday and every special occasion! One thing I have never owned is a fresh wreath so this year I decided to give them a try. After browsing the Wreaths For Door Fresh Wreath section for […]

Switch & Go Dinos

Vtech: Switch & Go Dinos

Vtech sent my boys a couple of  Switch & Go Dinos at the beginning of summer. I thought they were adorable and knew my boys would love them. But I had no idea they would become a favorite toy! Switch & Go Dinos combine two of my boys’ most favorite toys– dinosaurs and cars – into a unique 2-in-1 play […]

Joovy Noodle Helmet

Joovy: Noodle Helmet

Disclosure: The helmet in the feature below was sent compliments of Joovy. Noodle! Use your Noodle! Noodle! Do the Noodle dance! Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers this song? Noodle (also known as head) care in our house is very important. I feel it is my job to ensure that each […]

Hidden Costs Of Fulltime RVing 4

Hidden Costs Of Fulltime RVing

I knew before we decided to travel the USA in our RV that there were going to be hidden costs of fulltime RVing that I could not anticipate. However, because we planned to sell the house we were saving so much money. No more HOA. No more mortgage. No electric bill. No more lawn care. Sounds […]


Kenisee Lake RV Campground – Jefferson, OH

Kenisee Lake campground is the perfect place to escape to if your looking to get back in touch with nature. We visited this park for only a few days, but my kids still talk about their adventures here. The entire park is surrounded by pristine waters and towering foliage. It is the perfect place to […]


PA Dutch Country RV Resort – Manheim, PA

Located almost right in between Lancaster and Hershey Pennsylvania you will find the cozy and tree filled campground we have spent lots of time at this summer- PA Dutch Country.Open from April to October the campground features 247 sites, many of them offering plenty of shade. We had no problem at all getting a full hook-up […]


Elf Magic

I saw a lot of Elf happenings last year on Pinterest, but was not sure what exactly it was. This year, I did my research and decided I wanted my family to have an elf visitor! If you do not know what elf guest I am talking about keep reading!  There are a few different […]


2013 Infiniti FX37

Disclosure: Infiniti let me test drive a 2013 Fx37  for a week! Have you ever sat in the front seat of a vehicle and been completely confused? Well I haven’t, till now. When I sit in the drivers seat of the FX37 I feel like I am in a sports car, I feel the same way when […]