10 tips for surviving a long-haul flight with ease

Whether you are travelling for leisure or work, sitting inside a stuffy cabin for long hours might sound like a nightmare. 

Even if you are a frequent traveller, the sounds of kids screaming to the gossips of your co-passengers can be stressful and exhausting. 

According to a survey, an average traveller flies at least six times every year. Hence, it’s important to know the tips which can help you to beat the boredom during your flight journey. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best tips for surviving in a long haul flight with ease.


  • Try to stay free and comfortable with light clothes


Wearing bulky clothes or clumsy outfit might make your flight worse than usual. Choose an outfit which will make you feel comfortable to wear inside a long flight where you need to remain seated for long hours. 

However, the air conditioners inside the flights might be unbearable at times when you are wearing super light outfit. So, try to wear two to three layers of light clothes that can easily adjust the temperature of your body. 

In footwear, don’t wear anything that is too snug. It can lead to swelling of your feet, especially on long haul flights where you need to remain seated for a long time. 

Try wearing something loose. Flip flops are the best option for long flights, which can help you to relax with free feet. 

In case you are wearing boots, it is best to take them off and just be in your socks for more comfort. Avoid wearing heavy pieces of jewellery as well. 

  1. Choose a good seat beforehand

One of the essential things to do in a long haul flight is to reserve a good seat. Try to figure out the kind of seat you want and book them beforehand to avoid any confusion. 

Make sure that the seat can keep you comfy for long hours in the flight. You can choose your seat with some simple rules:

  1. In case you want more room for your leg, try to opt for one in the exit rows.
  2. In case you want to avoid the annoying cries of the children, try to book your seat right at the back. In international flights, there are special provisions for children at the front of the plane.
  3. In case you want to move around and relax your body from time to time, the aisle seat is the best option.

Some airlines allow check-in one or two days before the departure. In case your airline does not provide such a service, make sure that you reach the airport early to select your favourite seat.

  1. Prepare for a good sleep

When it comes to long haul flights, sleep is very important. Most of the long haul flights are equal to a whole night or a day. 

So, it is always recommended to sleep as much as possible. It also helps in cutting down jet lag. Try to carry a lightweight blanket along with a nice neck pillow. Also, get an earplug and a sleep mask which can help you to sleep comfortably on your next flight. 

It is the best option to travel in long haul flights without any disturbance. 

Calculate the total flight duration and decide your sleeping time. Do not try to sleep in small periods as it might result in severe jet lag.

  1. Your hand luggage needs to be as light as possible

Try to keep your cabin luggage as light as possible. Pack only those things that you need during your flight. 

It is always uncomfortable to move around the aeroplane with a big piece of luggage and to try to stuff it into the overhead corners. 

Try to opt for small cabin luggage along with a small shoulder bag in which you can keep all your essentials such as earplugs, earphones, water bottle and others. 

Make sure that you carry medications in your hand luggage in case you have a problem with heights or sudden turbulence.

  1. Choose a well known and good airline

There surely make some difference between a bad long haul flight and a good one. Try to research before you book your tickets and choose that airline has good reviews and amenities for long haul flights. 

Try to compare several features such as legroom, in-flight meal, on-board infotainment system and others. 

Most of the frequent travellers recommend using United Airline for long-haul flights. They provide some of the best services which can change your long haul flight into a memorable experience. 

Therefore, it’s advised to book United Airlines tickets from the official site beforehand to avoid any problems and confusion. 

Also, if you choose to fly with United Airlines, you may consider booking your tickets via Faremeart – An online platform offering amazing deals and discounts on flight tickets with access to 450+ airlines, and 24*7 customer support. 


  1. Try to avoid heavy flight foods

When it comes to long haul flights, you will get complimentary food servings.

In long haul flights, the time zone might vary, and you might end up having breakfast at your dinner time. 

Also, the food served on flights is heavy. It might result in bloating. So, try to satisfy your hunger with light foods like juice, cereal bars, dried fruits etc. 

  1. Move around whenever you get chance

Stretching your legs in long haul flights is not the only solution for keeping your body active and fresh. But, it also helps to cut down the risk of DVT or deep vein thrombosis that results from sitting for a long time. 

Keep the blood circulation to your feet in the proper way with gentle exercises while being seated. 

Try to get up and move around in every one or two hours. You might not get anywhere else to move around other than the aisles, but that might result out to be very effective in a long-haul flight.

  1. Stay as much hydrated you can

There are high chances that your body might get dehydrated during long-haul flights. To avoid that, drink as much water as you can. Try to avoid too much of tea or coffee. 

Long international flights serve alcohol. It is best to avoid alcohol in long haul flights as it dehydrates the body. You might also suffer from dry skin. So, carry a moisturizer if possible.

  1. Relax yourself

The best way in which you can enjoy long haul flights and be comfortable is to relax. It is the best time of your travel as the phone coverage is away from you and with the cabin crew who will fulfil all your orders. 

Try to look out the window and enjoy some magnificent skyscape if it is daytime outside. You can watch some movies on the entertainment system or just look for some new holiday destination in the magazines. 

Try to utilize those ten to twelve hours as the bonus time of your life so that you can enjoy your long flight in a positive way.

  1. Try to make new friends

Travelling alone might sound boring. But, you can avoid that by making some new friends in the aircraft. 

Flights can provide you with the opportunity to get in touch with some interesting people. You can start a conversation with the person seating just beside you. 

Start by asking about their reason for travelling and slowly you can build up a good conversation. 

It helps in killing the boredom of long flights and who knows those people might become very close to you in the future.


Final Words

That ends our list of the top ten helpful tips which can help you to survive long-haul flights. 

Most of the travellers fear flying for a longer duration. But if planned properly, you can surely enjoy your flight without being bored or stressed. 



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