10 Travel and Tourism Jobs For Students: Enjoy Your Study!

Vacations are the best. Who wouldn’t wish to live in continuous holidays? For sure, everyone. That’s why a lot of students tend to look for travel and tourism jobs online. As the Internet is full of such proposals we have organized them here in a handy list.

During college, it is hard to organize an exotic vacation in a tropical place. However, a break from reality can be easily accomplished, even during studies. Millions of last year students try this essay writing service during their studies, and that’s why lots of them decide to work for it after graduation. Nevertheless, there’re plenty of jobs which are suitable for those who want to earn some money on holidays or even during the academic year. These jobs are especially of great interest for students who don’t have enough savings to go abroad. One should consider employment opportunities in tourism. First of all, scholars have the possibility to work in the exciting domain of leisure and hospitality. Second, instead of spending money, they earn money while traveling abroad. Isn’t that cool?

Leisure and hospitality contributed to 15 million jobs in 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and it expands the numbers daily.

Today’s article is about the most interesting jobs that graduates and undergraduates can have in the travel services industry. How can they earn money when traveling in dreamy places? Let’s find out.

10 travel and tourism jobs for graduate students

The jobs in tourism will allow scholars to earn income while exploring the world. These opportunities are abundant, especially when they happen during prime vacation seasons.

  • Teaching English abroad

If there are scholars who are proficient in English, then they should think about this job. English teachers are highly wanted around the world. And the payment is very decent.

  • Yacht Sailing Jobs

How cool would be to sail around the world, while working on a private sailing yacht? This is a perfect touristic job for students, as they have no commitment at home and can go abroad for a long time. Take the travel wallet and apply to a very fun and exciting way to see some exotic locations.

  • The staff of traveling or tourists attendant

Two of the largest tourism-related industries are airline and cruise services. Students can apply to work in the air or at the sea. Jobs in this area are: the flight attendant, cruise staff, travel security, etc.

  • Entertainment management

Even many of the resorts offer lots of leisure activities, from food to rest, there is still a need for things to make an unforgettable holiday. Therefore, students can find an exciting job in this area, if they look for an adventure

  • Bartending Jobs Abroad

This job includes working in bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that are located worldwide. Generally, tourist destinations accept all the national bartending license. However, it will do you well to learn site-specific cocktails.

Holiday counselor

Students need to know minimal management in tourism and hospitality to pursue a career as a holiday counselor.  

  • Hotel and resort staff

This is one of the most popular jobs in tourism for students. They need to make sure the guests get top of quality accommodation. These works are resort manager, housekeeper, a hotel manager, a front desk clerk.

  • Local tour guide or assistant for an international tour company

If you have decent English communications skills, and knowledge of history or geography then you can easily guide people in their discoveries of new places.

  • Tourism entrepreneur

Students can create their own custom tours. Your tour can include your personal preferences and cultural discoveries. This is a great responsibility, but it also comes with great rewards of gratitudes, experience, and money.

  • Freelance travel writer

For those scholars who are passionate about traveling and writing, this can become a one of a kind job with multiple benefits. If you are lucky you may land a job that will completely provide your traveling accommodations.

Traveling and studying successfully is not a trifle anymore

Whether they chose a college where they study tourism or not, students can work, travel and study successfully. Summer holidays are the perfect moment to travel and make money at the same time. And it is also a great way to feel independent at the age of longing after memorable experiences.

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