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Archives for July 2011

Baby Rock Apparel

Founded in 2004, Baby Rock Apparel was created out of the necessity to clothe all kids in trendy baby clothes.  Baby Rock Apparel was among the first baby clothes manufacturers to offer hip baby clothes with an edge for boys and girls. The market is crowded with followers, but Baby Rock continues to lead the pack with innovative stylish designs. I was sent the lock up your daughters t shirt and it has become a new favorite shirt. Both of my best friends children are girls and my Ethan is a huge flirt so him wearing this shirt with a ton of girls around him is just so funny. I chuckle to myself every single time I see him in it. We have had this shirt for a few months now, and it is worn like twice a week (told you it was a favorite!). Normal black shirts are super faded by now, but you cant even tell that this shirt has been worn at … [Read more...]

Peekinz Baby Romper

Lets set the scene... You are in the middle of the mall, and you smell that so unpleasant odor coming from your little ones hiney. Problem is they have a onesie and pants on. You want to check to see if your little one farted or actually pooped, but taking all those clothes off is such a pain! Id like to introduce you to the Peekinz! All Peekinz items are designed to be stylish, fun and comfortable for baby using luxuriously soft and stretchy fabrics.   All patterns are bold yet simple, creating a timeless style that can be passed on for generations. The peekinzdiaper check pocket is one innovation that was taken from a mom's group. Everyone was busy chatting, enjoying coffee, as the little ones played together, when the waft of odor interrupted them conversion, each of them instantly sought out their little ones, with the weary "oh … [Read more...]