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Seven Slings

All I heard about while pregnant with my first was how great it was to have a baby carrier. I registered for a cheap one and it worked for a while when my little one was tiny, but I started really pining for a nice fabric carrier. One of my friends made me a beautiful mei tai carrier that I really loved. But it was so hard to learn to use and my little guy was only getting bigger!

As soon as I fell pregnant with my second, I knew I needed to get another carrier. I loved my mei tai, but I knew it wouldn’t be good for a brand new baby. Because it was homemade, it didn’t have any newborn extras that most carriers come with now.  So I started searching for a new type of carrier for my baby. I needed a carrier that was fast and easy to use. Enter Seven Slings!

Seven Slings is a  fitted baby sling that comes in- get this- seven different prints! It supports babies weighing 8-35lbs and comes in 9 sizes. I was able to catch on relatively quickly, because I had used a carrier before. It only took me two tries! My favorite part is that I don’t have to keep tightening the carrier like with a ring sling, mei tai or wrap.

This sling is super sturdy and my little boy loves it. It feels strange at first because it is so tight, but it’s supposed to be that way! These come in a variety of patterns and are quite affordable. They also come in man-friendly colors which is something that can be hard to come by in an affordable carrier. I will tell you they run a little bit small, so if you are close to two different sizes you should go with the bigger one.

Babies that are carried cry less and observe more, so they end up being such smart little cookies.

Buy It: You can purchase your own Seven Sling for 17.99!

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Real Mom Review's founder and main author, Skye Moyer is a 25 year old, stay at home mother of six beautiful children who resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She has been married to her best friend for seven years and is happiest when surrounded by family & friends! She is also mom to two rescue cats and a nationally certified child passenger safety technician!


  1. Megan Sutliff says:

    I like Autumn Blaze & Green Vibe!! Thanks for this giveaway, hoping I win!!

  2. I like Northern Lights

  3. question, i ordered one on December 5th, I still have not received an email about shipping.
    How long did it take you to receive your sling? Thanks!

  4. Dianna Thomas says:

    Gosh I love this site– I really wish I had one of these too– I m sure it would really come in handy

  5. deb kovac says:

    There are so many great baby carriers. I really like how you have some from different ages. That is very useful information. I like this sling it is just different enough. Thanks for the leg work.

  6. Everyone just says how they like the patter or color but hasanyone acutually tried this sling. I have tried with my daughter as a newborn and as a 4 month old. She does not look comfortable and cries every time I try it, and I keep griving it a try but can not get it to work. I also feel she does not seem safe in it like she is going to fall out.

  7. katrina asbury says:

    Personally I love mine and so does my baby. Defently worth the shipping only I had to pay.

  8. put in code : nice4u Then all you pay is the shipping!

  9. I just received mine in the mail after waiting 10 WEEKS! Horrible customer service. I waited a week the first time and the one I received was 2 sizes too small. Their sizing chart is a joke. I returned it the same day I received it and heard nothing back for 3 weeks. I was then told they didn’t receive payment after calling and emailing 3 days in a row! I was told I would have one shipped out 4 times after all that. Well enough about that. The fabric smells like chemicals and is very stiff. Not what I expected. My son is 3 months and didn’t seem to mind it but he looked really cramped and grunted the whole time. I personally didn’t care for it. As soon as I put it on my neck and shoulder started hurting. It might be ok for a newborn, but since I had to wait so long I will never know. I will be using my 9 year old Snuggi carrier. Save your money please!!

  10. Terrible customer service. First it got lost in the mail then they sent it to the wrong address and asked me to pay shipping again to send it out when it was there mistake to begin with. I’m not paying I’ve heard terrible things about the sling

  11. I wouldn’t advise getting this cheap sling. Customer service is horrible and the sizes are WAY OFF. I do not like anything about this company. Sorry.

  12. I am a plus size gal and the sizing chart got me the size I needed. This sling does have a learning curve but it is definitely worth it. I can assure you that your baby will not fall out. I am impressed with the quality of this sling, as well. My baby is now 19 pounds and I still use it all the time. I don’t know how anyone could say that this sling is a piece of crap…..and…..my husband also uses one. He really didn’t want to at first, but, after wearing it a couple of times, he was a believer.

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