2012 Kia Sorento

I have been driving and loving the 2012 Kia Sorento for about a week now. I never saw myself as a crossover type mom because I am way more of a tiny car person- however, when the Sorento left today I was actually sad to see it drive away.

The Kia Sorento SX AWD has seating for up to seven people! The second row has 60/40 split seating and the third row features 50/50 split seats. I was able to install two car seats in the second row and two car seats in the third row. I could have installed a third in the second row, but then there would have been no way to fold down the seat and get to the third row. However the Sorento is capable of handling five car seats. I was pleasantly surprised that the Sorento was 183.5 long, only 5 inches longer than my compact car.

Reverse Parking Aid- The center console has an amazing Navigation System built right into it. The rear camera display helps so much with parking. I am not the best at parallel parking, actually I kinda stink at it. I will drive around the block four or more times to find a spot that I don’t have to parallel park instead of parallel park! In the Sorento- when I put it in reverse, the side mirrors auto tilt down making it easier to see the curb. Then the navigation screen helps me slide right into where I need to be! Parallel parking is so easy in the Sorento!

The Driver’s Seat- This is by far the best seat in the vehicle and it should be! It comes with 3 ‘speed’ heating and cooling seats. So your hiney will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. An ideal seating position is super easy to find because the Sorento offers an 8 way power seat with lumbar support. Myself and my husband use totally different seat positions. Every time he drives my car I spend what seems like hours adjusting my seat over and over again to get it back to my comfortable spot. The second I find that spot, he drives it again and they cycle starts over! With the Sorento’s memory seat and mirror position I find my comfortable spot with the push of a button!

Keyless Entry- With the Sorento, the keys don’t even have to come out of my purse to unlock the doors! As long as I have the key on me or in my purse, all I need to do is push a button on the door handle. Push once and my door unlocks, push twice and they all unlock. This was exceptionally easy when I was juggling multiple kids- I did not have to search my purse for the keys!

Power Folding Outside Mirrors- We live in a quiet neighborhood, however we travel to the city often. I often giggle when we go down a street and I see ten plus cars in a row all missing their side mirrors, however I know if it was my vehicle that was missing a mirror I would not be laughing. We try to remember to fold our mirrors when we get out, but sometimes with all the kids we forget. I know one of these days, we are going to come out to a missing mirror. With the 2012 Kia Sorento SX AWD there is no need to think about folding the mirrors- simply lock your doors with the remote and the side mirrors will automatically fold in! When you unlock your doors, they pop back out! The mirrors are also heated for snow and ice, plus have an integrated LED turn signal!

Trunk Space- If you put down both the second and third row the 2012 Kia Sorento offers a whopping 72.5 cu.ft of storage space. That is a lot room to stick things, however only two passengers can ride! If you put down just the second seat you get 37 cu. ft. which is more than enough for a stroller and groceries with plenty of room left over! We ran into a bit of a problem traveling with five kids because if all rows are up you only get 9 cu.ft which hardly fits a diaper bag- however an aerodynamic roof cargo box can be purchased through Kia and solve that issue easily!

There are so many things I loved about the Sorento, I could be here all week telling you about them- however I hope my favorite five features above helped you learn a bit more about the amazing 2012 Kia Sorento SX AWD! The 2012 Kia Sorento SX AWD starts at 33,400.00 and can be purchased from a Kia dealer near you!

*Special thanks to Kia for letting myself and my family test drive the 2012 Kia Sorento SX AWD!



  1. That looks so awesome! I’d love to have a larger vehicle – definitely going to check them out when we’re ready for a new vehicle!

  2. I drive a Dodge Caravan because we have four children, but oftentimes we only go out with two. I’d love to try a Sorento… wish they would deliver to KC! I may have to go test drive one just to see!

  3. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Wow how awesome! We have a small car and I wish we had our minivan back. We use to be able to pick up my one daughter’s girls from school, I mean haul all 5 of her girls. Even car seats! Not anymore we can’t. Have a hard time hauling 3 of them. I am very sad about it. Maybe someday again. So happy for you. I love it!

  4. Ang Alford says

    love this!! would be perfect for my family ,but storage may be an issue if we decide to grow ! I think I could deal with it though, love the look

  5. Now that our kids are getting older, I’ll be looking to transition from a minivan to a crossover within the next 3 years. The Kia Sorento looks wonderful and I could sure use cooled seats here in the hot desert, as well as the reverse parking aide, since I’m always paranoid!

  6. Nicki Z. says

    Nice ride! I personally love crossover vehicles… we need desperately need a new car, but don’t think it’s going to happen anytime in the near future!

  7. What a great looking vehicle! We are looking to move from a Volvo sedan into something more seating, I think we’ll check this out. Smart idea about the folding mirrors, too!

  8. Stephanie Hungerford says

    I love the safety features

  9. like that it has a 3rd row!!

  10. christine kangas says

    That looks nice. I drive a CR-V, and I must say that I can’t really imagine driving a tiny car anymore after the cross-over 🙂

  11. Tiffany frye Hren says

    Nice car! Love it!

  12. Leslie Galloway says

    That’s a really nice looking car, and I love that it has a back-up camera. I would have never thought about looking for that on a Kia. It seems like they’ve really added some nice features to their cars.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (www.facebook.com/GallowayLeslie)

  13. Diane Zielinski says

    Wow. I never knew that cars can move their mirrors inward from the outside. I guess I’m behind in my times. There’s some cool features that I’m missing. Thanks for reviewing.

  14. Devon Franco says

    I just recently drove in one of these. Loved everything about it!

  15. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    Nice, it looks a lot like my Hyandi Santa Fe, I love mine, in my book it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever owned. I’ve heard that Kia is really good too.

  16. Wendy @ ABCs and Garden Peas says

    I can’t tell you how much I could use the parallel parking help! I’m in the market for a new car, soooo…..thanks for sharing!!

  17. D Schmidt says

    This car has an amazing amount of storage space, so impressed it can accommodate that many car seats, wow!

  18. Wow I love love love the settings for the seat/mirror. My husband and I sit in totally different positions so that would be fantastic!

  19. Kimberly Schotz says

    I am thinking of buying a new car. This is a good size and I love the parallel parking help.

  20. Terri Betz says

    The parallel parking help sounds awesome! Would love to drive a Kia! Kia is such a find for the money! 🙂
    Blue Strong on FB!

  21. Dianna Thomas says

    Wow– great review–We have a pick-up and a Van,because of all the kids–and lack of funds right now prevent us to get anything as nice as this. But I love dreaming. I personal would love to have this with all the bells and whisles–I realize it would pay for itself, but just not going to happen right away

  22. Heather M says

    I love the backup camera! I have one on my van and LOVE it!!!

  23. looks so roomy…it is hard to believe it is close in size to a compact car on the outside. wow.

  24. Corinne Soto says

    i’ve been hearing some really great things about the Kia’s and their crossover looks fantastic. Some of the other cross overs really dont give as much room as i need with two toddlers, but this looks like it would be perfect!

  25. Deb Dorrington says

    Hubby and I are looking for a new car and we did test drive the Kia Sorento….what a great car, I loved it, especially how roomy it is. Hubby liked it but is partial to the Nissan Rogue, so we’ll see!!!

  26. David Gossett says

    We are in the market for a new car, and this is at the top of our list. My wife has a Kia already, and we are considering this for our “family” vehicle. The main selling feature for us with Kia, is the crash test ratings.

  27. Stefanie Elysse Hurtado says

    I love the power-folding outside mirrors!!

  28. Lynnette Watkins says

    I am a proud owner of a Kia Sportage EX and I fell in love with Kia ever since. When I bought my car I didn’t realize how much gas you save. It rides well, I only had to make few repairs. I am seriously looking at the Sorento for my growing family.

  29. Ang Alford says

    Ineed that back up camera !!!

  30. Oh man, this looks like a nice car. If wishes were fishes…

  31. sarah heart says

    🙂 I like the design of the car, except I don’t like kia 🙂 or ford… and a few other brands… But it looks really nice 😀 I like the features also, awesome giveaways!

  32. Janet W. says

    I love that backup camera! How helpful!

  33. I didn’t see the MSRP but it reminds me a lot of the Nissan Murano that my parents bought recently. I bet is/was a lot cheaper than the Nissan, though.

  34. FIVE CAR SEATS!!! Perfect for my 5 kids in 2 1/2 years!!! 😉

  35. Sara Campbell says

    I so would drive this car if I could afford it. We need more room for our car.

  36. amanda condry says

    We’ve been thinking about getting a new car now that we have two kids. We recently had family visit and had to take two cars everywhere because the entire backseat of my Matrix is devoted to carseats now! I like the fact that this has 3 rows but with all the seats up there is zero space in the hatch, which is a deal breaker for me. It looks like a really great car though.

  37. Michelle {Fun On a Dime} says

    We are looking for a 2nd car and Kia is on our list. It really helps to make your decision when you get to do more than a few minute test drive. Love that I can put multiple seats in.

  38. D Schmidt says

    Great review, I have actually been considering this vehicle alongside with a Ford Escape but this seems so much roomier

  39. Suehey De Jesus says

    I like this bus is very familiar to me like you have enough space

  40. Shannon H says

    Thanks so much for posting the review. We are actually in the market for a new car & I love hearing what MOMS have to say! They know best what is needed with kids! 🙂

  41. My husband and I like this Kia. It was one of out top 5 cars that we wanted. The memory seat and mirror feature was one of my favorites because our mini van had this and we used the buttons so much the numbers where no longer visible.

  42. Sue Hull says

    I love this Kia! I don’t have any little kids but I do watch my neice and it would be so cool to own one of these. Thanks for the great review!

  43. amanda roach says

    this is actually the car i was looking into getting.thanks for the review

  44. Michelle L says

    I need slightly more space than my Prius provides since I now have to put 2 car seats in, but I’ve been avoiding car shopping because I figured the next step up was a large SUV or minivan. I’m glad to learn more about other options out there.

  45. Kia has really stepped up in creating reliable, quality cars in the past few years. My husband and I will be in the market to replace my Honda Civic with an SUV toward the end of the year, and we are REALLY considering the Sorento!

  46. Brenda Penton says

    That is one beautiful car. It has some pretty nice features. We are looking to replace our family car in the next year and I think I will add this to the consideration list.

  47. sharon winne says

    The back up camera! I had a rental car with one and I loved it! This car seems so roomy. i have a honda crv and it”s looks are decieving for storage. My stroller takes up the whole cargo area!

  48. Jenny Sims says

    We are currently in the market for a small SUV, this gives me a lot to consider. Thanks for the Kia Sorento review!

  49. Wendi Scharrer says

    I drive a suv right now, which is a gas hog. Our youngest just graduated, so the need for a large vehicle is over! Besides saving money on gas, I like how roomy the Kia Sorento is. I am impressed by all the special features…especially the mirror & seat functions!

  50. Jennifer R. says

    I love the back up camera. It can be a life saver!

  51. Erica Harper says

    I love the design and all the features. I wish they would offer an extended edition though to get more room with all the seats up. I have 4 kids and we live 2 hrs from the main shopping area so once a month we pile everyone in the car and go get groceries and household goods. I couldn’t do that in this car, even with the roof cargo box. Too bad!

  52. Sarah VM says

    From the outside it doesn’t look like it could hold 7 people. It does have a very spacious inside and cargo area.

  53. Alexandra says

    This is cute AND classy! Love all the features!

  54. Amanda Alvarado says

    The only drawback I see to this vehicle is the lack of “trunk” space when all the seats are up. I love that the mirrors tilt when parallel parking – that is so cool! It seems comparable in price to other vehicles in it’s class too.

  55. Rachel Runyan says

    I think you have changed my mind about Kia and the next time I go to buy a car I will have to take a serious look at the Sorento. I like having the extra seats when needed, even though I only have one child. This crossover comes with so many great features. The only bummer is that their is no trunk space when all seats are in use. It will definitely still be worth a look for my family.

  56. Megan Turner says

    I could really drive this – wow – I may have found a possible replacement for my minivan.

  57. Wow, I need a vehicle like this to haul our kids & their friends and all the “extra options” are awesome too!

  58. J. Ivy Boyter says

    I would LOVE to have the rear parking assistance feature in ANY vehicle, but I’m currently settled on rear view camera without the lines 😉 The more tech the better, in this house LOL.
    With all the seats up, the cargo space looks really small – I’m not sure that would fly with all the baby gear needed for any kind of trip …

  59. Lisa Fetty says

    Looks like cool car!

  60. I love crossovers, we just bought a pontiac torrent last week, we love it, I will never go back to a car especially with toddlers. This looks like a great vehicle!
    dlaleykt at live dot ca

  61. I like it. Thanks for the review!

  62. really loving the keyless entry feature! and the amount of space in the back of the car

  63. carol roberts says

    i like this reveiw thanks for the info cool looking vechile

  64. I’m looking at cars w/ this size of passenger holding capabilities. I’d loke to buy American though… I like how many carseats this Kia will hold & that it doesn’t seem van like!
    inalak at msn dot com

  65. Dorinna Wren says

    Would love to have this. Love all the features and it sounds amazing

  66. Rachelle Codd says

    Im in love!! Its so awesome that you can fit so many car seats! I only have one carseat but lots of older kiddos and friends with carseats. This is on my dream car list now. THANKS SO much!

  67. I am in love with the Power Folding Outside Mirrors – why didn’t they think of this option many years ago!
    I also love the heating and cooling of the seats – how awesome.
    I think I may have to test drive this Kia when it’s time for a new car.

  68. The reverse parking camera is such an awesome feature!

  69. Kelly Simmons Sherman says

    Love the keyless entry and camera feature. We are looking at a second vehicle and this looks great. Thanks for the info.

  70. melissa holske says

    pretty excited to read your review i am not much for a kia but this has a lot of the features i look for in a vehicle the reverse parking camera and the fact that it seats so may people is an awesome feature

  71. Diane K. Brimmer says

    Love this car! I could so see me driving this baby! It has all the room I need and still doesn’t look like a pickup or old van. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off! LOL

  72. mechele johnson says

    Gorgeous car! Our problem with car shopping is that we have five children! Most cars are not compatible with that!

  73. Love this vehicle my daughter would love this.. It is beautiful and looks very safe for her and my family..Thanks for the info we are searching right now for a car and this will be talked about..

  74. Thanks for the detailed review w/pics. I love the backup safety cam as well as the idea of a heated & cooling seat for the driver! my hubby just bought a Kia Accent as his work car & now knowing this model seats 7, it may be our next buy once we get done w/my minivan.

  75. I love the reverse parking camera. I have not parallel parked since I needed to do it on the road test and that was done in a car. Now that I own and extended van I hate backing up in it.

  76. Every mom needs a SUV they can drive on the HWY and talk on the phone and mess up traffic or hit someone with

  77. Every mom needs an SUV! Cars are just not big enough for families. I need to trade in my explorer for something like this. This seems like it would be better on gas than my explorer!

  78. Heather Dunn says

    I will most definitely look more into this vehicle! Hubby is dying to get the Durango when we get another vehicle, and with 3 in carseats this would work wonderfully to still have room but be much smaller and more effecient!

  79. Kristen Miles says

    I will recommend that my husband consider this car, since it has AWD – and that is something he wants! 🙂 Thanks for the info!

  80. Brenda Leffler says


  81. Brandi Goolsby says

    I would totally love to have an SUV with the reverse parking aid feature. I don’t even ATTEMPT to parallel park anymore, it makes me too nervous. I will definitely keep this in mind when we look in the future to purchase a new SUV.

  82. really need cars that people who are over 5′ tall can ride in the back comfortably for long periods.

  83. We have the 2011 and love it! Lots or room and still a fun Mom car.

  84. we looked at the Kia Sorento when we went SUV shopping. my hubby wound up buying a Soul

    • What made you go with the Soul over the Sorento?

      • The Sorento was too big. Both car seats fit in the Soul, it’s surprisingly roomy. Plus it gets better gas mileage. And there was the cool factor…my hubby did not want to drive a “soccer-mom” car

  85. Emily @ Love{&}Bugs says

    That’s a very nice looking car. I can’t believe it can hold 5 carseats! When we have our next baby, which we’ll probably get pregnant in another couple months, my husband will need a new vehicle. We’ll have to keep this in mind.

  86. Kate Dorsey says

    We are currently in the market for crossover… I didn’t realize the Sorento had 7 seats!! We weren’t even considering it because we thought it was just 2 rows but now we will definitely look at it, the price range would be so much better than some of the others we were looking at =)

  87. Karina Lee says

    I’ve been wanting a crossover for a long time. This one looks great!

  88. Terri Betz says

    This is the perfect car for a family! I had 3 kids and each one always had a friend along, it seemed! 🙂

  89. Sandra W. says

    We’ve been looking at getting a new car to accomodate our growing family but did not actually know that this kia existed. We will be adding this to the list of ones to test drive.

  90. Ashley Hatten says

    my husband and I have been looking at a Kia for a while now-my mom and dad have one and absolutely love it. We’re due for a new car next year-seriously considering a new Sorento. thanks for the review!

  91. I would love this car very nice

  92. michelle king says

    i need this car! i got 2 big kids and 3 lil kids still in car seats!

  93. My husband and I are debating trading in our convertible (only one car in our household can take the whole family) to get a car we can both drive the family in, and I really do like this and it is so affordable!

  94. Seyma Shabbir says

    I would LOVE this car. We have the Toyota Sienna and it is just so hard to parallel park.

  95. Jennifer Jo Archdeacon says

    I love the Kia Sorento a friend of mine has one and my sister is going to get a new car soon and this is the one I recommened to her

  96. I would absolutely love to have one of these. We just bought a Ford Fiesta and I can’t even fit my son’s stroller in it. What a beautiful suv this is! I love the parking assistance feature!

  97. monica ray says

    every family needs an suv

  98. Michele Behlen says

    I don’t drive but my husband would love it especially when the grandkids come to visit.

  99. I fell in love with a Kia Sportage! So cute and sporty!

  100. I drive a Ford Explorer and my last vehicle was an SUV but I LOVE crossovers! This one looks great. I’ve never driven a Kia…I will have to check this out next time we are vehicle shopping.

  101. We have the Kia Sportage and I love it. Although the sorrento has more room.. But it was more money.

  102. Holly Deuel says

    Looks like a really sweet ride! I would definitely have to go with this over any car as we have 7 people in our family. 2 adults, 2 teens and 3 still in car seats.

  103. Britni Bradford says

    Not bad looking. It has many options that I wouldn’t expect in a Kia.

  104. I have a nephew that is getting ready to purchase a 3 seater…I will have to tell him about the Sorento.

  105. Been looking for different 3rd row seating cars, and gave a great review on the Kia Sorento. Never relly thought of owning a Kia but am really thinking about it now, thanks.

  106. Kael harvey says

    This is really stylish..i had no idea Kia’s were so cute.

  107. Alicia Zirjacks says

    I love the looks of this car and I really love the reverse parking aid!

  108. Katherine says

    I drive Kia Sedona and have been really impressed with the Kia brand. I wish I’d bought one way back before my Saturn and Dodge!! My sister and 2 good friends all drive Kias, one is a Sorento, and they love theirs as well.

  109. Lisa Welch says

    Ive actually driven one of the 2012 Sorrentos. My husband works in auto salvage, so frequently he works on cars that they get in, then has to drive them for a week or so before they re-sell them. I would love to get into a new Kia. They really are reliable cars.

  110. Mallorie Valdez says

    We considered getting this Kia when we were shopping for cars. The SX model is super nice and the only reason we didn’t get it is because we needed more cargo room with the third row seats up so we ended up with a Chevy Traverse. The Kia is really nice though!

  111. clarissa marshall says

    After reading ur reviews on both of Kia cars I would have to say my favorite would be this one the 2012 Kia Sorento SX AWD. It has everything you need is great for a family because how frustrating is it when you cant fit all your kids in one car or when you kids want to bring a couple friends along with them to a park or for a day trip and cant because there is only enough room for them and maybe one friend but how fair is that to only let one kid bring a friend but if you had this Kia and had three kids well they each could pick a friend to take with them to the park or fair or anywhere to have a fun filled day with!!! The parking feature is AWESOME takes the worry and stress out of parallel parking and makes it as easy as one two three! Those two things alone make this car the best but it has many more amazing features so I would take this car hands down and it looks good for a 7 passenger car its not huge and bulky looking it is still sleek looking. This is a car I would love to add to my family lol and I would call her Betsy!!! Your review was very good and informative great job!!!

  112. Wow the reverse parking aid looks NICE! I need that lol

  113. I still don’t like the Kia It still seems like a cheap car Sorry but your review was great.

  114. Brandi Price says

    I REALLY miss my 08 Sorento! 🙁

  115. michelle says

    the kia sorento car looks nice and sounds great to bad i don’t drive.

  116. Deborah Hogue says

    I love the Kia model cars. They have a great warranty and just because they’re priced reasonably doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort.

  117. Kelly Paradise says

    I really like the way it looks and absolutely love the color. I’m amazed that it can fit my entire family as it looks much more compact than a Mini-Van and I love the “Reverse Parking Aid” and the trunk space would be a huge benefit. Thanks for this very helpful review…I just may look into this for my family 🙂

  118. Terri S. says

    My hubby loves the Kia Sorento’s generous trunk space and I love the folding side mirrors plus the Reverse Parking Aid to make parallel parking so much easier. There’s also plenty of room for my 2 granddaughters’ car seats.

  119. Brittany says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car because it fits EVERYTHING. Two carseats, two adults, a dog, strollers, bags, EVERYTHING!!!

  120. If I could afford a new car, I would definitely have to take a look at the Kia Sorento SX…NICE….

  121. Jessica Sawyers says

    This looks like a great vehicle for families with more than 2 kids wanting something smaller. I am a minivan mama myself. That trunk space would kill me. I am envious of the memory seat and mirror button. It’s nice to hear that this crossover will accomodate 5 car seats if needed. Sonuds like it fills a gap very nicely.

  122. Lisa Puckett says

    Love the look, stylish!! Would be a great vehicle for my family. Love the keyless entry and automatic folding mirrors.

  123. It’s not to bad a looking car but with my 5 kids I’ll stick with my trusted mini van and the kia is not even close to being within my budget…..Nice over all review thanks

  124. Leslie Galloway says

    I’ve never had a car with a rear-view camera. I never thought about it helping you parallel park. I avoid that at all costs as well. I used to be fantastic at it… but if you don’t do it for a while, it’s like you never have before.

    Also, glad I don’t need 5 carseats! hehe

  125. Amy McGowan says

    I love my back up camera in my Ford Fusion. I love the color of this SUV too

  126. Susan Smith says

    I love that color, We bought a Sorento last November and really like it. It has a nice ride. We first looked at Toyotas and Hondas because that is what we have always driven but found they were about $5000 more expensive that the Sorento. It got reviews which is another reason we bought it.

  127. DeNae Stewart says

    I really like the sorento, It is a really smooth ride!

  128. DeNae Stewart says

    I really like the sorento, It is a really smooth ride! I love that it has extra seats

  129. This would be great to have! I had a good experience with a Kia Spectra and I loved how their standard warranty is so much longer than other manufacturers. It gave me the confidence to give Kia a try.

  130. Alicia Sneed says

    I would love this! It seems to be roomy enough to transport everyone comfortably, but small enough for me to be comfortable driving it!

  131. lyn agbayani says

    The 2012 Kia Sorento looks awesome. I think this vehicle would be efficient for my growing family and I absolutely love the parking aid feature.

  132. Alisha L. says

    I have always loved the Sorentos! This looks so roomy and you mentioned a lot of features I didn’t know it had <3

  133. Jennifer DeFoy says

    I used to have a Rio, and my mom had a Sportage years ago. They are surprisingly well-built cars. I loved my Rio, even though it was base with no features. But it ran great and was so good on gas. I think I may have to go back to Kia, I’ve been reading such great reviews on them!

  134. Ashley Currin says

    I love the cross-over look at the Sorento. My husband and I are seriously considering this as our next family vehicle!

  135. Jennifer Holovack says

    This is a very pretty vehicle! I drive a Kia sportage and it’s been very reliable. I had my doubts about Kia at first but so far so good.

  136. Meg Tucker says

    I too am a small vehicle girl myself but I really do like the looks of this Kia Sorento. I wonder though about the reverse parking and if it gives you the feeling of dizziness? Strange question I know but I havr had this happen to me before!

  137. Sarah Shook says

    This is one KIA style we are looking at to buy… this was a great review on it! Thanks for the info and pics!

  138. Melissa Dion Cadorette says

    I didnt realize these Kias had so many nice features!

  139. ann beck says


  140. shirley zolenski says

    I never really thought of a Kia as a “real” car but this made me look at them a little differently

  141. Crystal Guidroz says

    I have been looking at Hybrids and really like the look and features this one has!

  142. Toby Ward says

    All of the features are amazing, but my favorite above ALL would be the settings for the seat adjustments! I am 6’0″ and my wife is 5’4″. I HATE when she drives my vehicle because I have to scrunch in just to adjust the seat!

  143. kelly king says

    I really like the new Kia Sorento there are so many great features. Thanks for the review

  144. Doreen Spitzer-Lemire says

    I would love being a mother of 4 ranging 23-3 as well as 3 granddaughters the extra seating is a must all the way around, as well as all the safety features.

  145. Sarah B. says

    I love that it’s a small vehicle, but can fit 5 car seats!

  146. Kelly King says

    I love the Sorento. Price wise it is one of the chapeat vechiles around but it is good quality. My friend has one and loves it.

  147. Ooh wow, I am loving that reverse parking aid! That is the one thing I always get so paranoid doing and that is so what I need!! I am in the market for a smaller vehicle and I just may go and check these out!!

  148. Kelly Reynolds says

    I need the space of the sorento!

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  158. JENNIFER HART says


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    The 2nd bonus is the “trunk space” because MIL always loads us down with twice as much stuff as we started out with! *LOL*

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  196. I like this vehicle as well, but want to interject an issue I have with it. It’s good for a 2 child family, but any more than that, not so much. Yes, it will fit 5 car seats (not easily though), but there are no top tethers in the 3rd row and there is no way to install a rear facing seat back there either. So the only car seats acceptable for the 3rd row are boosters. Also, getting a 3 across in the 2nd row can be very cumbersome. You need very specific seats to install on the 60 portion of the seat which not all families can afford. Just wanted to include those not so great features of this vehicle as well. It does have great gas mileage and the ability to seat 7 is amazing, if you need it for a quick ride around town with a few extra guests.

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