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POCOYO Fun & Games DVD

Pocoyo has brought his challenge to entirely new level! NOW, if 100,000 people play Pocoyo’s Recycle Game, Pocoyo will plant a total of 50,000 trees! The trees will be planted by Trees for the Future, Zinkia’s charity partner whose mission for 2012 is to plant 17 million trees! You can also plant trees (.10 cents/tree) for Earth Hour by visiting http://www.plant-trees.org.

What would you be willing to do to help save the planet? Visit the YouTube Earth Hour Challenge and see what you can do to help save the planet. One brave person is willing to shave their head if 5000 people sign on to Earth Hour. Another says she’ll wear whatever her daughter tells her to if 5000 commit to recycling in 2012. You can “take up the challenge”  and post your own challenge here.

POCOYO is continuing his reign this year as the Global Kids’ Ambassador for the new World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour 2012 “I Will if You Will” campaign by spreading Earth Hour’s message to children around the world through activities and by participating in his own challenge.

Your can show how much you love the earth and POCOYO by hosting a special POCOYO FUN & GAMES Earth Hour Party on Saturday March 31 from 8.30p.m. to 9:30p.m. local time. To get started on hosting your own POCOYO FUN & GAMES Earth Hour Party, here are some easy tips for planning the perfect Earth-friendly party:

-Make invitations out of recycled paper or send an email invite.
-Use organic and locally sustained food.
-Serve finger foods to skip using plates and utensils, and use cloth napkins that can be washed and used again.
-Make dishes that don’t require the oven or electricity to prepare.
-Be creative with food, ie, licorice ends can be cut off to make edible straws for the kids.
-Have a recycled book exchange for the kids and adults, instead of favors.
-Have fun and remember to have enough candles and flashlights for everyone to see!

The DVD, which will be released on April 3 SRP: $12.99, features POCOYO, the fun-loving, curious little boy with a big personality. Watch as he explores, plays games and has fun with his friends Pato, Elly, Loula and Sleepy Bird. Viewers can join them as they stage their own version of the Olympics, create a magic show and ride the new, big, scary slide in the playground. 



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  1. christina moore says:

    I recycle newspaper to put in my garden

  2. I use the water left in my baby’s pool to water my flowers :) He LOVES Pocoyo!! He even has little toys that he plays with in the water :)

  3. Erika P. says:

    I use coffee grounds and used tea bags to fertilize our plants.

  4. I garden.

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