VTech: Switch & Go Dinos

Get ready to embark on a “dino-mite” adventure with the Switch & Go Dinos by VTech. Boys (and girls) ages 3 through 8 will love playing with Tonn, a bright yellow Stegosaurus who likes to drive in style. Each Dino can be switched from dinosaur to vehicle and back again in just a few easy steps. Listen to Tonn’s many sounds and phrases with the press of a button. You can even choose how Tonn’s eyes will look in dino mode and who the driver will be in vehicle mode. Whatever form he’s in, Tonn is ready to rock and roll to adventure.

Features Include:
-Switch from dino to vehicle mode in a few easy steps
-Plays more than 50 sounds and phrases
-Customize Tonn’s eyes in dino-mode and driver in vehicle-mode
-Collect all of the Switch & Go Dinos crew (each toy sold separately)
-Age Requirements: 3-8 years
-2 AAA batteries (included)

We have had many transformer like toys over the years that are really hard to transform. The kids get frustrated with them so fast and they end up in the trash can. Tonn easily switches from a stegosaurus into a race car, even the three year old can do it! Press one of the two buttons to hear Tonn make awesome stomping sounds when he’s in dino mode, or racing sounds when he’s in vehicle mode.

Press the second button to hear him talk, and Tonn will tell you all about his wild life as a Stegosaurus. With more than 50 unique sounds and phrases, Tonn will keep you guessing at what he will say next!

Tonn sports a couple personalized designs with his name on them, and can turn the gray plates on his back into spoilers for his car. By pressing the style button in dino mode, children can choose which pair of dinosaur eyes Tonn will show on his LCD screen.

You can also choose Tonn’s driver when he’s in vehicle mode by pressing the same button.

Buy It: You can purchase a Switch & Go Dino for 15.62!

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  1. Diane K. Brimmer says:

    Oh I remember playing cars with my son when he was little. He thought I was a cool mom. LOL! Love these cars and with more than 50 sounds a phrases. Any kid would have a blast.


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