Holiday Tablescapes With Energizer Flameless Candles

I love the Christmas season. Everything about it. The decorations, the food, the family time- all of it mashed together makes Christmas my very, very favorite holiday! One thing I struggle with each and every year is how to decorate safely! I use shatter proof ornaments and keep all of my breakables up high, but one thing I have never been able to use because of fire hazards has been candles! This year, everything changes. Energizer Flameless Wax Candles have the realistic flicker of a traditional candle, but without the worries of open flames, soot or dripping wax – so safe around pets, window treatments and kids and are perfect for holiday tablescapes. These candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and are a great alternative to decorating your home.

Energizer Flameless Wax Candles Feature:

  • Advanced 3-level timer so you can choose an auto shut-off at 4, 6 or 8 hours
  •  Three LEDs create a realistic flicker pattern that does not repeat for up to 72 hours
  •  Memory feature so you can set the candles to come on at the same time every day
The candles are so easy to work with! Because they are flameless I can put them wherever! And because they are white, I can use them all year round! My holiday set up is super simple! I placed all the candles on a big red platter (2.00).  Then picked up some holiday beads (2.00), some mini ornaments (2.00) and snow flake ornaments (1.00) from Target!
Everyone that comes over asks me where I got my tablescape and are shocked when I reply that I made it! I am so excited that I can finally decorate with candles and plan to make a new tablescape for every holiday and season!

Buy It: You can purchase Energizer Flameless Wax Candles for 11-14.00 from!

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  1. Marsha S. says:

    I love these things. I have three cats who love high places, so I’m always worried they will tip over a candle while it’s burning. Now I can finally have the ambiance of candlelight without the worry! YEA!!

  2. Sherri Lewis says:

    This is the only kind of candles I can use, thanks to all of our cats and their fascination with fire. I love that they look so real…

  3. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    My friend bought these and I really liked them – so next year

  4. Maralea says:

    I love these frameless candles! So much safer!

  5. Jen Rodrigues says:

    This is so pretty and perfect for the holidays. Thanks for sharing.

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