2013 Honda Pilot

Disclosure:  The Pilot in the feature below was provided to me for two weeks compliments of Honda!

If you have outgrown your car or crossover and are not quite ready to make the move to a minivan, I am sure the Honda Pilot is on your list of vehicles to check out. The ultra spacious SUV can accommodate many different types and sizes of families. Have three kids and need a ton of trunk space? Have six kids and need a vehicle that can comfortably seat them all? The Pilot may be the perfect vehicle for you! IMG_7962I have met (and am friends with) many a people who are simply against owning a minivan. However at a certain point in almost every families life the need for a roomy interior and three rows of seating becomes a necessity! The Honda Pilot is online any other SUV because instead of becoming more sleep and compact, it has become boxier and more SUV-like. 

The center console is honestly a bit cluttered for my taste. I think it is the only thing about the Pilot that I do not love. There are a ton of buttons and knobs and no touch screen at all. The GPS was a pain in the hiney to use and the top screen, which I expected to control everything only really told time, a complete waste of a large screen.

IMG_7993Believe it or not, if you really needed to- you could drive around 8 adults in the Pilot. Getting in and out of the third-row might be best left to those a bit more limber, but trust me- they can fit! The Pilot’s front seats are huge and very supportive, even on long drives. The second-row seats slide back and forth to allow for more or less legroom between the second and third rows. Second row is a 60/40 split seat, with the 40 seat being the one that moves up, to allow passengers into the back. My kids were all easily able to climb back and forth and I was able to squeeze into help the younger ones buckle.

IMG_7987Because the second row seat has to fold over to allow access to the third row you can not really install a car seat there. You can use a booster though. Which is what we choose to do.

IMG_7985Three seats in the third row was a breeze, even using one infant seat.

IMG_7986If your like me and have a large family you will really appreciate the quietness on rides thanks to the large entertainment system, that is viewable from any of the 6 back seats!

IMG_7982The power tailgate makes loading and unloading things easier than ever. With all three rows up, there isn’t much trunk room- which stinks. If you need trunk room and three rows, buy a minivan! However, with the third row folded down, your left with a ton of space!

IMG_7961The Pilot is a top safety achiever. Standard features include side-curtain bags that cover all three rows and an amazing rearview camera system that helps shorter people (like myself) achieve amazing visibility, which can be an issue because the Pilot is so high up.

IMG_7968You can learn more about the 2013 Honda Pilot by visiting Honda.com!

Special thanks to Honda for letting me test drive the Pilot for two weeks!


  1. Rita Spratlen says

    I love SUV’s and have an old Ford explorer. It is just the right size. One of these days I am going to get something else. It is still running great and only has 77,000 miles on it. Great review. I am looking at all models.

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