2013 Nissan Quest LE

When your a busy mom on the go, one of the most important things you can have is a great vehicle to tote your family around in. Nissan loaned our family the Quest last month to drive around town and I am amazed at how mom friendly it was. The DVD entertainment system kept my kids super busy, the extra large interior space made it comfortable to sit in even with 5 car seats and two adults and the amazing camera system made it a breeze to park!

2013 Nissan Quest LE

Features include:

  • Permanant Rear Well Storage System
  • Blind Spot Monitor System
  • Around View Monitor
  • Advanced Climate Control System
  • Easy Fill Tire Alert
  • Biggest DVD Screen Available in a Mini Van
  • Seats 7

Most mini vans can fit more car seats than an SUV or a car- however getting the kids into the car seats is always a pain in the butt. Not with the Quest. The Quest has an awesome folding front row seat that makes getting to the third row super easy. Because of this we were able to put three five point harnesses into the third row, and two boosters into the second row for a total of 5 car seats!

2013 Nissan Quest LE

The third row is also big enough for adults to sit in comfortably, which is very uncommon for a mini van. Typically there is only enough room back there for little legs!

2013 Nissan Quest LEBoth the second and third row seats fold flat, forward and out of the way. That means you can comfortably seat seven adults with all the seats up, or fold them all flat to access 119.8 cubic feet of cargo space! This also means, the cargo well (space behind the 3rd row) is a permanent place to put things. We put an emergency diaper bag under there and they fit perfectly.

2013 Nissan Quest LE
Once I had my kids all buckled into the Quest and we were ready to roll I showed them the huge 11″ flip down DVD player. Everyone in the van could watch the movie because Nissan made sure that the seats were staggered like a theater. The third row is a few inches up higher than the second row, so even our three in the very back seat could see. Combine that with the 13 strategically placed speakers and you get a theater quality movie while driving down the highway.
2013 Nissan Quest LE
The keys, or should I say lack of keys for the Quest were amazing. I could literally just leave the key in my purse. The Intelligent Key allows you to push a small button on the door and the doors unlock. Then once you get in the van, simply push the button to start the vehicle and your off! With out ever having to touch the key.

2012_nissan_quest_interior-thumb-717x477-113561The Around View Monitor (AVM) is by far my very favorite feature of the Quest. As much as I loved the Quest, I was petrified to park it. It is pretty big. Which is why it is so comfortable. However with the AVM parking is a breeze. It combines 4 cameras to create a composite image of the Quest from above and displays it on the huge LCD screen. Maneuvering into parking spots with the Quest, was actually easier to do than parking my compact car- thanks to the AVM!

Safety is also very important in the Quest. The Advanced Air Bag System incorporates seat belt sensors and an occupant-classification sensor to inflate the front air bags according to crash severity and seat belt usage. Front side-impact airbags are built into each seat so they move with you as you adjust your seat. The active head restraints reduce whip lash injuries by moving up and forward during rear end crashes!

You can learn more about the 2013 Nissan Quest by visiting NissanUSA.com.

Special thanks to Nissan for letting me test drive the Quest for a week.


  1. Look at all the room. I miss having room, we had to down grade our car- to build credit. This is something that I want to take a look at when buying another car is an option. I just don think I could do leather seats again. Very easy to clean, but very hot in the summer. Thank you for the great post.

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    They thought of it all, love that the 3rd row seats are higher so they too can view movies and the Around View Monitor….awesome!

  3. As a mother of 3 I certainly appreciate the roomy third row, easy fold down seats and of course, the backup camera to avoid any accidents. Looks like another great creation from Nissan!

  4. michelle elizondo says

    This seems like a great family vehicle

  5. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I am glad that the AVM made it easy for you to park the Quest and I like the airbag seat belt usage feature.

  6. Tiffiny Palm says

    I have a small very now. This us my dream car….all the room and really nice amenities. I like the safety features especially with having kids

  7. Carrie Phelps says

    I would love to have this van! I’ve owned a Nissan and it was a GOOD quality made vehicle. I miss my Nissan!!

  8. Sandy Cain says

    There’s SO MUCH room in this! And of course, safety first, I love that it has a Blind Spot Monitor System. Why isn’t this a must in ALL vehicles, like seat belts??

  9. Wow! It’s so roomy! I sure could have used one of these in my soccer mom days. Now, I would love to have that much room for my gardening stuff I haul regularly.

  10. OMGoodness! Look at how much room the back has. That’d be amazing for groceries and stuff. Jealous!

  11. We almost bought this car when we were on the market for a new one!

  12. Sandy Cain says

    It’s SO roomy! And a big DVD screen? Wow, wish they had that when I was a kid. Would have saved my Dad from screaming at us kids in the back seat to shut up and stop whining!

  13. Holly Storm-Burge says

    This would be amazing for road trips; looks so roomy and comfortable!

  14. Sonya Morris says

    Love it! My van is ten years old and while I love it, I will need to purchase a new one soon. Thanks for the post.

  15. Karen Glatt says

    This Nissan Quest has the color that I love! Also the roominess of this minivan is enormous! I like all the room and the stuff I can get into this van! I would love to own this van and I would take it traveling!

  16. The Nissan Quest would be the perfect “Mimi” mobile. The grandchildren would fit comfortably and I knoe Nissans are great. I had one that had 257,000 on it. It was great!

  17. I have been wanting a Nissan Quest for about as log as I can remember. I like this review and the fact that it has a large screen for movies and easy to get in and out of the back seat, which has 3 easy to use and looks comfortable, too, to sit in. I need to test drive, but then I would buy!

  18. Can you please email me with what seats you used that would all fit, please! This is the vehicle I want to get and need to fit 3 seats in the 3rd row. I have 5 girls. Thanks so much.

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