Neato Robotics XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner


Every mom has a daily list of chores that must get done. Feed the family, do the dishes, bathe the kids, sweep or mop the floor, vacuum the floor, pick up the toys, get the laundry finished… The list goes on and on. For me the most time consuming are laundry and vacuuming, well at least they used to be. I still spend hours a week doing laundry but I have not had to vacuum my house in a little over three months thanks to my new handy helper, the Neato Robotics XV-21, Automatic Vacuum Cleaner.

Neato Vacuum Cleaner

The Neato XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner is specially designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers (or, in my opinion anyone with kids). With the most powerful suction of any robot vacuum, the XV-21 picks up dirt, debris, and even the toughest pet hair. The Neato XV-21′s special filter retains more than three times the amount of fine dust particles as standard filters, which is perfect for removing allergens from the home. A new combination bristle and blade brush improves the pick-up of pet hair, dander and fibers.

Setting up the Neato was very easy. You simply plug the charging base into a wall, then place your vacuum on the charging base to do its initial charge. Once the status light turns solid green on the vacuum, press the start button the Neato will begin mapping and analyzing the room and start cleaning. It’s really that easy.

The XV-21 will pick up everything a traditional vacuum would–dirt, pet hair, dust, even cereal. And not just off carpet, hardwood, linoleum and tile too! Our Neato stays on our second floor 90% of the time which is half carpet and half linoleum. It goes from one room to the other and transitions from carpet to linoleum with ease making my job so much easier.


It cleans in a methodical back-and-forth pattern, which is quick and super efficient. It goes around furniture so that every single spot of the floor actually gets cleaned. It even gets under chairs, tables and cabinet edges I normally would not be able to get to! The Neato cleans till it’s battery is dying, then returns to its charging base. Once it is fully charged- it will return to the spot it stopped on and continue cleaning.


I no longer have to sweep or vacuum multiple times a day because the Neato does it for me, with the touch of a button! It also has a automatic setting. You can schedule it to clean while you’re at work, at the bus stop or even sound asleep. Ours cleans at 7AM every morning. Each night before I go to bed I do a quick toy pick up so the Neato has nothing in it’s path and in the morning when I wake up, I have clean floors!


We have seven people in our house plus two cats so our Neato’s dirt bin fills up fast. Thankfully it is bagless and all I have to do is take out the container and dump it in the trash. Our Neato still works as well as it did the day I got it, but filters and blade replacements are available from Neato to keep the XV-21’s performance up even after months of everyday use!

If you hate vacuuming, if you would like to play with your kids for an hour a day instead of vacuuming or even if you just need an extra helping hand around the house, I highly suggest you look into getting yourself a Neato Vacuum!

Buy It: You can purchase the Neato Robotics XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner for around 360.00!

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  1. I love that it sweeps AND vacuums. Our home’s lower level is entirely tile minus the area rug in our family room. Our upper level is entirely carpet minus the bathroom areas. This versatile robot would rock!!

  2. I need something to pick up this dog hair!! Love my furbaby, but HATE her fur all over the floor!

  3. Molly Goltry says:

    This would be a blessing. I’m constantly vacuuming the living room and my daughter’s room.

  4. laurie nykaza says:

    I have 4 cats & 3 dogs so this would be great to have for clean up around our house

  5. Got one for my parents for Christmas! =) Great product.

  6. ewhatley says:

    Great that it handles both carpet and hard surface flooring – would love to have one.

  7. laurie nykaza says:

    i have cats this would be great

  8. chelesa sims says:

    I have seen these advertised and they look really cool but i havvent actual got one yet.

  9. Melissa says:

    this would save so much time and energy! 🙂

  10. kristy edgington says:

    I have 3 cats and a dog..this would be so great to have!!

  11. Will it work on many humans, too? We need this – we have about 6 people in our house and you would not believe the allergies – from just about everyone. Thanks for the review – would love to try to get one!

  12. Heather Pontruff says:

    Been interested in one, but worried about how my dog and cat would react to it

  13. David Smith says:

    I want one. We have hardwood veneer and vinyl flooring in out living room, dining room and kitchen and one of these would be great to keep the house clean. We have a ‘robotic’ sweeper that just has a swiffer type dry cloth around it that goes in random directions. It picks up a lot of the loose stuff, but really doesn’t do a very good job. I like that this one actually has a vacuum instead of just a sweeper. I’m going to look into getting one I think. Thanks for the info.

  14. I own one, along with 4 cats and a dog. This little device keeps my home looking animal free, it has been a blessing.

  15. Sarah Matos says:

    I am always skeptical with these robotic type vacuums. I always wonder if the pick up everything in corners and tight spaces.

  16. These are really great tips! It surely made my car more organized like this!

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