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Baby Bjorn Cradle

Disclosure: The Cradle pictured below was sent compliments of Baby Bjorn.

Finding a safe and comfortable place for your newborn baby is not always the easiest task. There are tons of different options out there and picking just one is very hard. If what you desire is a safe, top of the line, easy to move, simple yet beautiful sleeping space- then the Baby Bjorn Cradle may be perfect for you.

1559867_10202338735343991_391780949_nThe Baby Bjorn Cradle is simply one of the most beautiful newborn baby beds I have ever used. The pure white color is suitable for both boys and girls and can match and blend in with almost any decor. The addition of the Canopy makes it even more breathtaking. Moving the Cradle from room to room is so easy because the mesh is so light. I can move it through doorways, down stairs and between rooms with no issue at all.

1503901_10202338734423968_1851485395_nThe sides of the cradle are what set this apart from other baby beds. Each side is an airy and soft mesh fabric that the baby can breathe through, even if the baby’s face is very close to the side. There are no bars or loose parts to trap tiny hands or feet which leaves you with the perfect spot for your sleeping bundle. The mesh fabric is transparent making it easy to check that your baby is sleeping safely and peacefully with out having to get to close!

1495514_10202338734543971_1398763514_nThe cradle was specially sized to be used for a newborn baby and should not be used after baby can roll over. The inside is snug and cozy, just like your womb was which allows baby to get comfortable quicker.

1185459_10202338734343966_1455842272_nThe Cradle does have a pretty high price point, starting at around 250.00, however because you will only be using it for less than a year you can resell it when you are finished and recoup most of your cost! The only thing I do not absolutely love about this cradle is the excessive safety tags. However, in this day and age a company simply can not be too careful so I understand why they are there- but still feel they take away from the Cradles beauty. 

Buy It: You can purchase the Baby Bjorn Cradle for 275.56 and the Canopy for 76.99!

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  1. Susan Hubley says:

    I would live to have this cradle for my grand babies. :)

  2. laurie nykaza says:

    I would love this my nieces just each a had baby it looks so cool too.

  3. Teresa Honores says:

    I would love to have this! so airy and takes up no space! beautiful cradle!

  4. would love to win this for my best friend who has a new grand on the way in a few months

  5. Karen Glatt says:

    This would be a great cradle for my sister’s baby that will be coming in May! She would love one of these. And it is nice to know that when she is done with it, she can sell it and get most of her money back!

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