Goji Play: Work Outs Now Seem Shorter & More Fun

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Trying to get my family to stay active has proven to be quite hard over the years and now that we are fulltime RV’ers with out the ability to belong to a gym it feels impossible. The couch is comfortable, there are tons of shows on Netflix that suck you in and let’s face it- working out can be boring. In the past I’ve turned to bringing my trusty iPad with me and watching a television show, but I’ve noticed my heart rate doesn’t reach my target numbers if I do this. This year I’m trying something new. This year, I’m staying active with Goji Play!Goji Play 2.0I’m not sure how it happens, but Goji Play turns a 30 minute work out into what feels like 5 minutes of non-stop fun. Yes you read that right, I said work out and fun in the exact same sentence. You can use Goji Play, your husband can use Goji Play, heck even your kids (over the age of 6) can use Goji Play. Founded by the creators of Guitar Hero, a long time favorite game in this house Goji Play fuses exercise with video games and transforms cardio machines into fun game-playing equipment for all fitness levels. You can play Goji Play anywhere- your home, the gym, the hotel gym. All I need is your iPhone or iPad with the apps downloaded and the game controllers and I can work out anywhere I can find cardio equipment.Goji Play 2.0Each individual can set up a unique profile that will track and monitor their workouts. The wireless sensor on Goji Play measures your movement and makes it a part of the game – the harder you workout, the farther you get! My favorite goal is getting something done before the timer runs out. I’ve noticed over the last week or so that because I’m playing the game while working out, I am working out way longer. Yesterday I did 90 minutes on one machine. I’ve never done that long on all machines, never mind one!Goji Play 2.0With a growing and diverse library of fun and exciting free games, you can make your workout experience your own. It’s something that can’t fully be described in words; you’ll have to try it for yourself! You do not need to be a gamer, nor do you need to be a fitness expert, to enjoy Goji Play, it’s suitable for a variety of fitness and gaming levels – there are games for everyone in your family and the workout levels vary.Goji Play 2.0Buy It: Goji Play is a great gift idea for anyone on your holiday list and can be purchased for $119.00 if you use my special link, here you get $10 off and free shipping with code “SKYEM10”.Real Mom Reviews Disclosure

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  1. oh thanks.

  2. shelly peterson says:

    This sounds like a great way to get the whole family active and actually enjoy it.

  3. vickie couturier says:

    how interesting,,i havent heard of this before,,that would make working out so much better

  4. Renee Walters says:

    This sounds great! It would making working out so much easier!

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