Lusomé Sleepwear

Disclosure: The night clothes below were sent compliments of Lusome.

Lusomé is a sporty, yet sexy line of sleepwear designed for women who suffer from night sweats. This innovative chemical-free solution is great for new moms who get postpartum perspiration, moms going through menopause, women undergoing cancer treatments or living with a chronic illness such as lupus. It combines the best in technology with the best in design. Its proprietary technology, dryLon claims to be the fastest moisture moving system on the market while its knitwear pampers the skin.

There are many causes of night sweats and hot flashes, such as postpartum, cancer treatment, thyroid problems, peri-menopause and menopause. 80% of all women will face night sweats at some point in their life. As creator, Lara Smith, watched her sister battle breast cancer she was determined to find lounge wear that helped with the side effects associated with treatment. And so Lusomé was born.

My sleepwear pretty much consists of either old t-shirts with tattered pajama bottoms or my “birthday suit”. I am fortunate to be in good health and not have any hormonal issues that cause me to sweat at night. However I was still really excited to try Lusomé and upgrade my sleepwear. I was sent the Anne (tunic) and Lorraine (top). After taking them out of their box my first thought was they were extremely soft to the touch, made of high quality fabric and had perfectly sewn seams. I washed them both before wearing and found they washed really nice as well. There was no fading or shrinkage, no pilling at the fabric and they did not wrinkle after laying in the dryer for a little.

It was a bit hard for me to pick the size I wanted from Lusomé because the website lacked sizing information which I felt should have included reference to bust, waist size to help you choose the correct size sleepwear. The FAQ page does say there is a “sizing button” and you can click to find a chart with sizing measurements. I couldn’t find it.

Anne Nightgown

The first night I slept in the Anne nightgown. Two things I noticed right away. The band for the shelf bra around my bust was snug (I am usually excited to take my bra off at night so this was a bit disappointing to have that restricted feeling) but the straps were too big. This caused the top to go down further than I would like. The gown was also much longer than I expected it to be. I consider myself taller at almost 5′ 9″ and the gown went down pass my knees. If your shorter than I am, this nightgown would be mid-calf or longer. There was also no way to adjust the straps. I could add a simple stitch, but for the price of the Anne ($98.00) I shouldn’t have to make alterations for a proper fit.IMG_3255-Edit Initially comfy laying in bed, I woke up several times because the gown wrapped itself around my legs or worked its was up to my stomach. After untangling myself I went back to sleep. The final time I woke from the gown being wrapped around my stomach it also somehow managed to to shift at my bust. My breasts were separated, one was out the armpit hole and the other was out the neck hole. Not sure how that happened but the gown came off and tossed on the floor for the rest of the night. I was also a bit chilly at night as this gown is more suited for warmer temperatures and not cold winter nights.

Lorraine Top

I was very disappointed to not be sent sent matching bottoms from Lusome, but I tried to make the best of it and paired the Lorraine with a pair of black leggings. The top is super comfy. It was snug fitting but not tight. The scoop neck is lower and sexy. My husband even made a comment that he liked it.IMG_3224-EditI was comfortable at night. If ordering the Lorraine top and debating between two size I would suggest ordering up just to have that extra room which is sometimes nice. The Lorraine does not look like a night shirt and I would probably consider pairing it with a pair of jeans or shorts to wear during the day.
​After reading through the website to become familiar with the product I found that Lusome is never treated with chemicals. This is becoming increasingly important to me as a mom as I discover how many chemicals we actually come in contact with during the day.

Whatever your style Lusome has something to fit your needs. Lusome is available for purchase at several fine retailers throughout the United States and Canada and also available for purchase online. Prices range from $48 – $108.something to fit your needs.

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  1. Sandy Cain says:

    OMG, could I use these! Night sweats since 2004! WHEN does this end??? And not just comfortable, as you say….but SO pretty! Not “old-lady-ish” at all. I would always order a size or 2 up, as I like a lot of room when I sleep. Also, thanks for a very honest review. I would still try this, I run the A/C even in the winter!

  2. I think this sleepwear looks really comfortable and stylish

  3. Michele P says:

    I love that their clothing is not treated with chemicals and I can totally relate to the night sweats lol. It is NOT fun! Based on your review and the fact that I am 5 feet tall the nightgown would not work for me as it would probably be touching the floor and I like mine knee length. But that top is super cute, and looks comfy and definitely not like a sleepwear top, so I could also see pairing it with jeans or something. Of course the pants for me would be too long like most things are, but I could always pair it with something else to make it work. Thanks for the informative review!

  4. That Annie nightgown looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your review.

  5. It’s really too bad about the lack of sizing information. That is so important. I love the look of both of these pieces and although I’m fairly short I don’t mind having a gown or nightshirt that is very long.

  6. Brittany says:

    That looks so comfy and soft! Yum!

  7. Angela Saver says:

    I really like the Lorraine shirt! It looks really comfy & I like that I could wear it with a pair of jeans too! I would probably pick the larger size so I don’t feel restricted.

  8. shelly peterson says:

    I like the idea that the night wear helps keep you cooler, I would really like that. I like the shirt and would be nice with some matching bottoms.

  9. Laurajj says:

    Oh I had to laugh at your night! 🙂 That happens to me often too…but they are so nice for warm weather! I really love the Lorraine Top! That is so cute and I agree….would work even with jeans! Cute!

  10. Julie Wood says:

    I like the Sleepwear and the styles are really great and I like the nightgown the best. I will have to check out the site!!

  11. vickie couturier says:

    i need some new sleepwear,,mine all has holes in them,,time to toss out and restock

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