Be A Birthday Star At Chuck E. Cheese!

When you think of throwing your child the best birthday party ever what pops into your mind?  I’m betting the words ‘easy’, ‘stress-free’ and ‘affordable’ probably don’t- but they should because you can have a Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party.Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Booking a party is easy, all you have to do is pick the day, pick your package and send out invitations. Once the big day comes around, just show up at your location and your host of hostess takes care of the rest. No need to order a cake. No need to buy, put up or take down decorations. No need to clean your entire house for a party, only to have it trashed after the party. Heck, you don’t even have to plan party games- Chuck E. himself will take care of that.Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyEvery party package includes 2 hours of decorated table space for your entire group with a place setting for each child. Each child’s place setting includes a souvenir reusable drink cup, a cup filled with tokens and eventually two slices of pizza. Parents can sit back and relax for the entire party, knowing little ones are busy thanks to the party hostesses and safe in the building thanks to the secure Kid Check exit policy.Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyThe birthday star can’t be missed on their special day, because they get to wear either a superhero cape and mask or a princess cape and tiara that they can take home with them.Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyThey also get recognition in the Chuck E. birthday show, and a chance at the Golden Ticket in the Ticket Blaster, which is worth 1,000 tickets. Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyWe had Emmitt’s 5th birthday party at the Orlando, FL Chuck E. Cheese. My expectations of the party were greatly surpassed. To this day, Emmitt still talks about his awesome day and asks if we can do it again next year.Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyThe party hostess did everything. She served the food, she refilled the drinks, she lit the candles, she started the happy birthday song, she cut and served the cake, she kept up with our time schedule, she did it all. Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyI was able to actually interact with my adult guests, play with the kids and enjoy the party instead of having to micromanage.  Emmitt knew the entire time we were there that HE was the star. They played with him, surprised him with extra tokens and called him by his name the entire time we were there.Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyFood and drink for your adult guests is not included with your party package, but we found the party size platter to be perfect for us adults and with the new and improved food at Chuck E. Cheese we devoured the entire thing (read more about the new food here.)Chuck E Cheese FoodYou can bring your own cake, or Chuck. E Cheese can provide one. Chuck E Cheese Birthday CakeParties with the mouse start at just $12.99 per child. Larger party packages include a pull string pinata, a cup of ice cream, a goody bag for each child and more tokens for each party guest.Chuck E Cheese Birthday PartyTo find out more information or book a party visit

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  1. After you last post we decided to give our local Chuck Cheese a try. I am so glad we did. We tried the new pizza it was so much better than the old one. Maybe we will book our next birthday party there!!

  2. This article put a smile on my face because I used to be Chuck E Cheese party hostess in high school.

    • Our party hostess was simply amazing! I could not believe how ‘care free’ I was able to be during the entire party because of her.

  3. Tara Wilson says:

    Since reading this post, all I can think about is having a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese! My kids are definitely on board. I hadn’t realized how much it had changed over the years! Thanks!

  4. shelly peterson says:

    Chuck E. Cheese parties are so fun and great for parents since they do most of the work for you. Love the pictures, he looks so happy!

  5. Laurajj says:

    Oh that looks like so much fun!! We were trying to think of a fun place to have one this year…that would be so much fun there! I love that they have gluten free pizza so I can eat too! 🙂

  6. Julie Wood says:

    We love going to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and fun with the kids. I have never had a birthday party there, but it sounds like a lot of fun.

  7. craftyone says:

    I have not been to chuck e cheese since i was a kid. looks like so much fun was had a the party

  8. I would like to be in the ticket blaster. I would give Chuck e Cheese a 3-star rating because I never get to use the ticket blaster. My recommendation to Chuck e Cheese is to get on the loudspeaker and announce the child’s name so everyone can get a chance

  9. But I like the games

  10. F*** this place it is not appropriate for learning to much junk food

  11. Sorry for the bad language

  12. I like the wall, don’t you?

  13. Trump?!?!

  14. this place sucks

  15. hi could I be in the ticket blaster

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