7 Awesome Ways To Save At Target

I like shopping just as much as the next girl. In my single years, before I had children, I did what most single women did: I shopped. When I was happy, I shopped. When I was sad, I shopped. I never got myself into trouble with my spending habits or bankrupted myself but I did have a bit of an addiction, especially when I came across a good deal.

Now that I’m older, have more financial finesse and a couple of kids under my belt, I’ve gotten more careful and conscious of what I spent. Of course, now it’s harder because I love to shop for my kids, especially for clothes but I do well enough by exercising practical money saving tips as well as shopping deals when I come across them.

One of my favorite places to shop is Target. I know, cliche considering it’s considered mommy mecca but I can’t help it! They’re clothes are adorable, their selection huge and add in the fact that they usually have a Starbucks on hand, and you have the perfect place for moms to spend their free time (not to mention money.) The only thing negative about Target, which isn’t really a negative because we all make our own choices, is that it can get a bit pricey if you aren’t careful with your spending habits. For example, if you visit your other local retailers and compare their prices to Target, you’ll notice a sizable difference in their price tags.

Target can quickly break your bank but luckily for me, I’ve gotten great at picking up little money saving tips here and there, from researching online and talking to other budget savvy moms in recent years. If you’re a fan of Target and just can’t help wandering through and reaching for everything on the shelves, I’d love to share a few money saving tips for you that’ll help you prevent bankruptcy after your weekly trip to your favorite retailer. Target Ways To Save

  1. Check the ads. You can do this either online or by grabbing your weekly newspaper. Targets ads are a great way to see what they have on sale from week to week and allows you to plan what you need ahead of time rather than waiting until you’re in store and more tempted to spend extra money. New promotions start each Sunday, so get yours and start saving on some awesome weekly deals!
  2. Check the Markdowns. Like almost every other retailer, Target has markdowns all the time. This is true during the holidays especially but you can score some great deals outside of the holiday crush as well. Monday’s are for Electronics, accessories, kids clothing, books, baby items and stationary products. Tuesday is domestic products, women’s clothing, pets, etc. Wednesday has deals on men’s clothing, health, beauty, etc. Thursday is Housewares, lingerie, shoes, toys and sporting goods and Fridays are markdown days for auto, cosmetics, hardware, home improvement and jewelry. Familiarize yourself with the weekly list of markdowns and you’re bound to get some fantastic items are low prices!
  3. Seasonal Clearance. I know it seems like forever until next holiday season but if you’re anything like me, then you’ll want to be prepared for next year as early as possible. Target marks down season clearance items 50% the day after the holiday, 75% 3 days after, 90% the week after. Can you imagine how much awesome things you’ll have to decorate with next year if you shop seasonal clearance after the actual holiday?!
  4. Coupons. I know people get tired of hearing about coupons but c’mon, they really do work. You don’t have to go crazy for extreme couponing or anything, just start looking and you’re sure to find a coupon for just about anything you’d like to save money on. Target allows you to visit their website to print coupons, check their app and print coupons from sites like Coupons.com.
  5. Stack Coupons. Now that you know where to get coupons for Target, you can start stacking them! Unlike a lot of other retailers, Target does allow you to stack their coupons for more savings. You can use a manufacturers coupons in conjunction with store coupons, allowing you to save more money OR even get items for FREE.
  6. Price Matching. One of my favorite ways to save money at Target or, anywhere really, is by using their price matching policy. If you find a lower price on Target.com, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. Target will match the lower pricing if you bring a receipt with proof of the price within 7 days of purchase. Now, that is pretty nifty!
  7. Use the Target app and Cartwheel app. You can find both apps in your playstore and download them right to your phone. With the Cartwheel app, you can also stack coupons on top of any discounts you might already be eligible for. For example, you can use the Target coupon, manufacturers coupon, AND add the savings you get by using the Cartwheel app. If you have a Target RED card, you can also add another 5% discount there. Savings galore!
So, now that we’ve talked about ways to save money at one of our favorite retailers, ever, I’d love to tell you another way to save money. It sounds crazy, all those tips to save money and yet, there’s still more? Well, be amazed: Couponbox.com is yet another way to save money on items you may have been coveting while browsing online at Target or wandering the isles. Couponbox.com have made it their mission to help customers save as much money as possible while shopping at stores like JCPenny, Michael’s, Kohls and yes, even Target.
Simply pull up the Couponbox website, type your desired store into the search bar and the site will pull up any and all discounts that are presently available. If you’re like me and live and breathe finding deals and saving money at Target then Couponbox.com is the place you want to start.  They not only provide coupons for our favorite brands like Target, they also ensure that those coupons are always valid and up-to-date.
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