Can You Lose Weight Using Shakes?

Many people begin to turn their attention to meal replacement shakes as the perfect solution to gain effective results in losing weight. As a rule, the most effective products are made of natural ingredients without any artificial components or stimulants. Such organic shakes can provide not only positive effects for your weight management issues, but also for health in general.

belly-body-calories-diet-42069The problem is to find these organic MR shakes, since producers prefer to make significant claims about their diet products, which in reality are not as superb as in advertisement. Therefore, it is recommended to make your own research using websites, such as, to obtain a profound information about the marketed shakes and supplements. The following list of products is the selection of the best organic meal replacement shakes, which will be appreciated by the people with excessive weight.

18 Shake: This product was recognized as the best natural diet shake in 2017. All the ingredients of the shake are truly natural. This diet shake is popular among consumers, because of its high quality components and absence of stimulants or artificial sweeteners. 18 Shake offers whey protein, which is considered the best source of protein. The people, who want to burn fat, will appreciate also the low content of sugar in the shake. One serving of this diet products provides less than 1g of sugar. This fact is beneficial not only for weight management, but also for blood sugar regulation.

The energy value of 18 Shake is 90 calories, which is a sufficient figure to substitute a full meal. The product has a complete users’ satisfaction with the quality of ingredients and performance. The cost of such set of organic components and high quality is $59.99.

Organic Protein Powder: The main feature of this MR shake is that it is made of plant-based protein. The shake also contains numerous organic ingredients, such as Organic Chia Seed, Organic Acacia Gum, Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Organic Rice Bram Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract and others. Despite the organic nature of most ingredients and protein, the product lacks in essential amino acids. In addition, the customers complain about unpleasant taste of the shake and some side effects, caused by thickeners and sugar alcohols contained in the formula of Organic Protein Powder.

Isagenix Isalean Shake: This MR shake can boast of 23 minerals and vitamins per serving. Although, the product offers a rather high amount of protein (24g), it should be noted that the quality of protein is arguable. The protein is a mixture of various protein sources, whereby the cheap milk concentrate takes 90%. This product is difficult to call appropriate for weight management goals, because of the high calories content, which amounts to 240. The natural composition of Isagenix Isalean Shake is spoiled by the artificial sweeteners, which provide high level of sugar. The price of the shake is $51.95, however, this cost covers only 14 servings, i.e., that a monthly supply will cost more than $100.

Yoli YES Shake: Yoli YES Shake is made of 2 patented organic blends. The first blend is represented with vegetables and fruits, and the second one – with whey protein. The product is designed for the people aimed at weight loss and muscle building. The customers are satisfied with the efficiency of Yoli YES Shake, but the most claims relate to the price of this diet product. $80 is a rather expensive cost for the components, which are not exclusive or ultra-effective.

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