Schwinn SmartStart : The Perfect First Bike #SchwinnBingoSweepstakes

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Every summer, each of the kids gets a new bike. Bikes are a huge part of our summer activities. We take them to every campground we visit and the kids use them the entire time we are there, we use them to explore national parks and even to just visit our local parks. This year will be Emmitt’s first year getting a bike that we will take the training wheels off of, and he is so nervous.

We searched and searched for the perfect bike for him, and decided on a Schwinn SmartStart bike. Instead of being a shrunk down adult, the bike is designed for a child. We found different styles at Toys”R”Us, Target, and our local Academy.

  • Smaller Handle Grips – Smaller grips make it easier for smaller hands to maintain control over the bike.
  • Comfortable Fit Seat – Seats designed for a child’s proportions make it more comfortable and easier to ride.
  • Closer Pedals – Pedals are closer together to match the hip proportions of small children.
  • Better Design for a Better Ride – The positioning of the pedals, seat, and handles are designed to make the entire bike riding process easier for small children.

social_assetTo distract Emmitt from his fears, we will be playing Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo. These printable bingo cards feature items that you’ll most likely see on any bike ride. To play, the kids simply ride their bikes, keeping their eyes open for things like fire hydrants and other roadside objects, The first to make a bingo wins! Just follow this link to download the Bike Trip Bingo Cards, and you’re ready to go.


WIN IT: This summer you can win a Schwinn SmartStart prize pack. How? Post a photo of something found on a SmartStart Bingo Card to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest using the hashtag #SchwinnBingoSweepstakes, than using the social widget below, log in through an email address, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account and submitting the photo post to the Sweepstakes. Entries are also given for referring a friend to the Sweepstakes.

Schwinn SmartStart Bike Trip Bingo Sweepstakes

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