20 Gift Ideas for an Overworked Friend or Family Member

There is no shortage of people who claim to be overworked or otherwise always burdened by tasks and obligations. However, we all know that one person in our lives who not only actually does push themselves to the limit, but doesn’t wear it on their sleeve.UntitledThese silent soldiers ought to be treated to something nice now and then. Here are 20 great gift ideas for an overworked friend or family member to choose from:

Yoga Classes We all know yoga helps to reduce stress and boost mood. With this in mind, sign your overworked friend up for classes. Join along to provide support.

Wine While we would caution against gifting an overworked friend or relative some nice wine if they appear dependent on alcohol to function, few things help someone unwind from long hours at work like a glass of vino. Include a quality wine glass or two for ensuring the experience is perfect.

ZB Subscription Is the overworked person a smoker? If so, get them a ZampleBox subscription and vape starter kit. It’s a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, and who doesn’t like getting a pretty package in the mail every month?

Spa Day It’s a classic gift to give someone putting in long hours. A day at the spa can help to undo months of built up stress from head to toe.

Sensory Deprivation While not for the hydrophobic or claustrophobic, time spent in a sensory deprivation tank is a stress reducer growing in popularity across the world.

Rare Candy The perfect add-on gift, candy doesn’t have to be restricted to what’s sold at the local drug store. A quick online search can uncover a worldwide variety of regionally popular flavors to popular candy and relatively easy ways to buy these interesting sweets.

Quality Sleep Mask There are sleep masks, and then there are quality sleep masks. The difference comes down to fabric, weight, and size.

Personal Voucher Depending on the type of relationship, write up a “good for x” voucher for the overworked individual to cash in when they wish. Maybe it’s a dinner out to their favorite restaurant or a night at the movies.

Noise Cancelling Headphones Distractions in the workplace are often audible – coworkers talking, car horns outside, etc. Noise canceling headphones allow a busy professional to focus on their work and boost productivity.

New Mattress If you can spring for it, buy an overworked friend or relative a brand new top quality mattress. This can give them the improved sleep needed for an energy boost.

Massage If a full spa day can’t be fit into this overworked person’s hectic schedule, try and settle for a massage appointment instead. Undo those muscle knots synonymous with putting in long hours.

Martial Arts Classes Sometimes the only way to effectively relieve oneself of stress is to kick and punch. There are healthy ways of pulling this off, such as boxing classes, karate course, or some other form of martial arts training.

Music and Noise Unwinding is one of the hardest parts of working hard. Music and noise for inducing an unwinding mental state makes a great gift for an overworked friend or relative.

Fidget Spinner These are quickly growing in popularity among today’s working professionals. Fidget spinners provide an outlet for that compulsion to keep hands occupied when focused on a task. They also might make us smarter.

Espresso Machine Caffeine is never a substitute for proper rest and relaxation, but if you’re going to drink coffee to stay focused at work, why not make sure it tastes as good as possible and provides the most bang? An espresso machine would do the trick.

Coloring Books Adult coloring books help busy professionals calm down. Just make sure to provide the crayons or markers too

Cleaners  Who would say no to the chance to have someone else clean their house? An overworked individual is probably the last on that list.

Bath Pillow We’ve all been there – the bath is great but there’s no place to put your head. Fix this for the overworked friend or family member with a bath pillow.

Bath Bombs The smells and colors vary, as do the therapeutic benefits. But bath bombs are sure to help make a bath that much more relaxing after a long day at work.

Anger Room This unique business idea allows individuals to show up and destroy a room full of items. It might be the perfect gift for someone with built up stress from an abundance of hours on the job.

Whether one or a combination of a few, these gift ideas are sure to help an overworked friend or family member to destress, relax, and unwind.

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