Best Travel Products for Oral Health and Teeth Cleaning

Traveling is amazing. It can fill your body with energy and it can give you an incredible feeling of freedom. However, there are things that you cannot do while traveling, as comfortable as you would do them at home. Although travelers think that this is normal, we believe that today’s market offer us solutions for every problem.toothbrush-313768_640Oral health and teeth cleaning is one of the habits that do not take place as comfortably and as efficiently as they do in the comfort of our homes. Luckily, there are modern products that integrate modern technologies and are suitable for traveling. This way, all travelers can feel better and take care of their oral health efficiently.

When it comes to oral care, the four most important products that you need are:

  • An electric toothbrush
  • A travel toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Mouthrinse

Why choose an electric toothbrush over a traditional one?

When traveling, you want to carry as few things as possible in your luggage. Also, they have to be as light as possible. When you think about it that way, bringing an electric toothbrush with you will simply make your bag heavier. But here is a question: would you prefer carrying an extra 300 grams or have your teeth perfectly clean?

The comfort of clean teeth has been underestimated for a long time. Nowadays, everyone understands that this is one of the things that make you feel really good about yourself. This should not change in your travels or with any other occasion.

The main advantage of electric toothbrushes is that they have the ability to clean the teeth thoroughly, much better than a traditional toothbrush would. They are better at keeping both teeth and gums healthy. When looking to buy such a product, there are a lot of options. You can buy a rotating, an oscillating or a sonic toothbrush. Also, there are ultrasonic toothbrushes that create millions of sound waves per minute and that are able o reach even the smallest corners.

Electric toothbrush manufacturers have developed plenty of models that are suitable for traveling. Oral B, Phillips and Colgate are just three of the manufacturers that can offer you great products at low prices. Such products come with:

  • Replaceable heads
  • Batteries
  • Travel chargers
  • Travel bags

Are you looking to buy a travel product for oral health but you are not sure which the best choice is? We have a few recommendations for you.

Going for the electric toothbrush from Phillips is always a good choice, Phillips Sonicare NX5610 is easy to carry around, it comes with a travel bag and it is highly efficient at plaque removal and dynamic cleaning.

Colgate ProClinical Pocket Pro is another good option that has a compact design, 25.500 strokes per minute and a USB charger.

The Oral B 3D Action Power is also a great product that you can take with you during your travels. It has a tiny plastic cap that protects it from contaminants, it is not much bigger than a normal toothbrush and it is going quite strong. Take care of your teeth no matter where you are to have an shining smile at all times.



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