Why a Good Night’s Sleep is Important Over Age 40

You probably know by now that sleeping through the entire night brings about a rejuvenating start to your morning. But did you know that as you age, lack of sleep could contribute to some health problems? The first step in deciphering any sleep issues that you may have is to find the right mattress. One that offers the correct support according to your body type and personal preference. Here are just a few reasons as to why a good night’s sleep is important as you get older.pexels-photo-271897

Proper Musculoskeletal Alignment

As you age, your bones become slightly less dense and thinner, this is referred to as osteopenia. Over age 40, you slowly become more susceptible to disk degeneration and skeletal misalignment. This naturally occurs as you’re sleeping, especially if you’re uncomfortable in your mattress. Being uncomfortable when you lie down can easily contribute to sleep problems and make it difficult to achieve a full eight hours of sleep. One option is to get a supportive and comfortable mattress, though finding the right one takes time. The pros at Bedding Mart can assist in narrowing down the options. However, the final selection will depend on what the buyer considers comfortable, something which only they can decide for themselves.

Improves Blood Flow

It’s recommended that adults get at least 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep each night, notes Helpguide.org. If you feel groggy in the morning, try getting more sleep. If this leaves you feeling refreshed, try to adjust your schedule to get a few more hours of rest each night. Sleeping a solid 7 or more hours nightly can help improve blood flow throughout your limbs and circulatory system. This may decrease your risk for blood clots and reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease. Select a mattress that meets your comfort level expectations such as:

  • *Firm
  • *Innerspring
  • *Gel memory foam
  • *Plush
  • *Pillowtop

It’s also important to choose the right sized mattress. Maybe your sleep needs have changed throughout the years. If so, going from a queen to a king size will help with comfort levels and help your body get the best night’s sleep possible. Select a mattress that will help you have enough room to sleep comfortably.

Decreases Your Risk For Disease Complications

Over 40, you’re automatically at a slightly higher risk to develop certain chronic diseases and conditions, than you were when you were younger. Do you have sleep apnea? Or maybe another chronic condition such as type 2 diabetes. These are both serious illnesses that can be complicated by lack of a good night’s sleep. Having a good mattress and getting a full night sleep can help boost your body’s immune system and overall fortitude against the effects of certain diseases. A comfortable bed that doesn’t restrict your muscles at night will help some of the troublesome side effects of diabetes—such as restless leg syndrome and diabetic neuropathy. If you suffer from asthma or apnea, a hypoallergenic mattress may help combat dust mites and control allergens that could possibly trigger an attack by helping to improve airflow into your lungs.

Affects Energy Levels

A lack of a good night’s sleep can really affect your energy levels throughout the day. Wanting to take more naps is just one indication that you might not be getting a full night’s sleep according to your body’s needs. Sleep deprivation can also lead to:

  • *Inability to concentrate on important tasks
  • *Lethargy and listlessness
  • *Impaired driving
  • *Poor attention span
  • *Overeating

Not sleeping well or lying on an uncomfortable mattress can not only be uncomfortable and leaving you sore throughout the day, it can make it hard to get up and start exercising. This could also contribute to weight gain. As you age, you may see a natural drop in energy levels. This natural lack of proper energy combined with just a few hours of sleep can bring you down and make it more difficult to complete tasks at home and work.

It’s important to care for yourself as you age. Finding the right mattress will help you achieve your sleep goals and hopefully allow you to get the right amount of sleep your body needs.

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