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One day I will be able to proudly state that everyone in my house, four leg and two legged kids alike are totally potty trained. Until that day accidents happen every now and then. And when an accident involve pee- clean up is a pain in my rear. I swear no matter what I use to clean the mess, the urine smell remains. I’ve been using this harsh, stinky smelling chemical for sometime and it seems to at least mask the smell, but what I really want is to remove the smell.

The EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator was designed to safely and effectively remove odors and fragrances that are present in carpeting, solid surfaces, upholstery and furniture.  It was created and formulated with the most sensitive in mind and through customer feedback, EnviroKlenz was able to create a product that has high odor neutralizing capabilities utilizing ingredients that are safe to use by those with environmental illnesses.

I first discovered this awesome solution after purchasing a new mattress for my little one. The mattress was shrink wrapped in a box for easy shipping. Once we got the mattress out, it smelled like chemicals SO bad, we ended up returning it. The next mattress we got smelled the same way. After a bit of research, I found that most new mattresses have this odd smell. After a scrub down withdiluted Everyday Order Eliminator, our mattress was fine to sleep on.mattress-2489615_640To use around my house I dilute it 1:4 with clean tap water in a spray bottle. I use it on my counters and on my floor. I also use it on my carpets and couch. I simply spray it on the area I want order less and then extract it with my wet carpet cleaner.cleaning-washing-cleanup-the-ilo-48889Additional Benefits Include:

  • Formulated specifically for those with Chemical Sensitivities & Environmental Illnesses
  • No Fragrances or Masking Agents
  • Multipurpose applications
  • Fast Acting

You can purchase a bottle by visiting EnviroKlenz.

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