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Essential Oils are all over the place right now!!  Why?  Well, because they are simply amazing when you learn about this gift our Earth gives us and how you can use them to better your health!  They have been around a long, long time and are here to stay.   People survived the bubonic plague over this stuff!  You might be familiar with some of the most common oils like lavender which can help you relax.  I have been planning this post for a couple weeks and wanted to share with you about Young Living essential oils.

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Back in 2010 my son was really struggle with nervousness, separation, anger outbursts….we consulted several professionals no one really knew exactly what was going on but always wanting to prescribe something.  A friend of mine kept sharing about Young Living essential oils on Facebook.   She had started using Young Living and was thrilled with how the oils have changed her family’s daily life and wanted to share with the world.  For months I kept ignoring it thinking “yeah right”.   After many trials and errors to find some rhyme or reason for my son’s behavior I saw one of her posts again and inquired.  I was almost at my breaking point and was willing to try anything.

Later that week I met with her and another girl at her kitchen table.  We smelled oils, applied them to our skin, she answered questions and we just chatted about motherhood and life.  I left there full of information but still wasn’t 100% sure.  I never tried anything natural before and was honestly scared, of what I don’t know.  A couple weeks later of doing my own research I took the plunge and ordered a kit to try at home.  It had many of the oils in that I had been eyeing up anyway and I could benefit by being a wholesale member of Young Living which means being able to purchase my oils at a wholesale price rather then retail price as well as many other benefits that come along with being a wholesale member.
My son, at age 7, wanted no parts of this!  He takes no medication, hates going to the doctor/dentist, so I had to get creative with applying them.  I decided after he went to bed I would apply them to his feet in his sleep.  His first couple applications consisted of valor, frankincense and peace & calming.  The next morning when I heard him get up I thought to myself, well here starts our day, he’s up.  He comes hopping down the steps, looks at me and says “good morning mommy!”  I about cried.  He hasn’t said that in a long time, typically only grunts and gives a look of disgust when I say good morning.  I was thrilled and became a believer in the wonders of essential oils immediately.  There was a reason I kept seeing these Facebook posts, I just needed to take the step and I am so glad I did.  This oil regimen became a nightly routine for me for the next couple years.   My favorite to use on him was valor aka courage in a bottle and frankincense.  He’s now to the point where we only use as needed or I diffuse in the air if I feel he (or anyone in the family) could benefit from an oil.   I also have two girls younger then my son who are willing to use any oil mommy suggests, their favorite is lavender.
I do what I can for my family, like every other mom out there.  I don’t claim that what I do is best.  It’s what works for us and that is what’s best for us. My kids still get vaccinated, we limit sugar and try to avoid food coloring (this just creates madness in the kids that this momma doesn’t need), they have hot dogs, I try to avoid OTC and use my EO, I take them to the doctor when they are sick and for yearly checkups…we do what works for us and what my husband and I feel is best for raising our children.  Essential Oils work for us and I like that we are taking another step closer to a less toxic life.
What are essential oils?
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Essential oils are the lifeblood of the plant.  They are the stems, roots, leaves, petals etc.  Young Living practices the “Seed to Seal” process  and this is their promise of nothing but quality essential oils with extensive testing with rigorous quality control steps.  Essential oils help you lead a more balanced and fulfilling life, naturally.  Please know that not all oils are created equally and not all oils offered from different companies are pure.
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There are a couple ways to use essential oils.
1.  Inhalation.  This is the most common way.  I am sure many of you have heard of aromatherapy.  Put a drop in your hand and breathe deeply or sniff right out of the bottle.  My favorite is using my diffuser.  When you start using essential oils you will be using yours, a lot!  I have several in my house, one in our camper and use my oils with my diffuser in place of candles.  I have found that many candles give me headaches!  Candles are often filled with toxic and synthetic fragrances which can cause headaches.
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2.  Topically.  Oils can be applied all over your body, head to toe!  Apply on overworked muscles, over a specific organ, tired feet, the list goes on!  Applying oils on your feet is great because the particles in the oil are much smaller then the pores in your feet making the absorption much easier and faster.
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**some oils are considered hot oils.  They feel warm when applied to the skin.  Because of this it is recommended to apply a carrier oil with these oils.  Carrier oils are coconut oil, Young Living’s v-6 or other “fatty” oils.  Applying a carrier oil along with your EO does not change the benefits of the oil, it simply assures that the oils are not irritating or overpowering.  Vegetable shortening, butter, margarine or petroleum derivatives (such as mineral oils, baby oil and petroleum jelly) should never be used as carrier oils.    Avoid contacting sensitive areas such as eyes, ears, genitals, and mucous membranes with essential oils.
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3.  Ingestion.  Taking oils internally is most common in France but less in the United States mostly because of the differences of thought between the French and British school of thought.  There are two schools of thought in aromatherapy.  The British school of thought is to never ingest essential oils.  The French school of thought is that it is ok to ingest when done with caution and knowledge.  I obviously follow the French way.  You can have peace of mind knowing that all Young Living’s oils are pure and many of our oils are safe to use while cooking/baking, in your beverages or taken in a capsule.
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Young Living recently came out with an entire line of oils that can be used internally called Vitality.
Their vitality oils such as lemon and peppermint are great for cooking or simply dropped in a glass of water for instant refresher.  Young Living is the only essential oil company, that I know of, that has a label specifically for ingestion, the Vitality line makes it easy for you to know which ones are safe to do so.
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Over the last couple years my oil stash has grown tremendously!  I love being able to reach for for a bottle of pure essential oil rather then something man made for both my family and my home.
I love cleaning my house with Thieves household cleaner and not having to worry about harmful chemicals and fumes.  Not only does it smell fantastic with its cinnamon and clove oils but it’s also nontoxic!  Thieves household cleaner comes in a concentrated formula meant to dilute.
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I also love that my family can repel insects with not only essential oils but also Young Living’s new Insect Repellent which is deet free and 100% plant-based!  You’ll also love the pleasant, citrusy aroma and smooth, non-greasy, no sticky application.
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Guess what!?  My four legged baby benefits from our knowledge of essential oils too!!  Like many animals, our dog Pablo is terrified of loud noises!  One drop of peace & calming on his body before a “special event” and he is so much happier!  Not all oils are safe for animals so please research.
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The kids head back to school in a couple short weeks.  We are wrapping up summer swimming and soon start with fall sports!  I want to make sure the transition from summer to school goes smoothly for my kiddos so I make sure I stock up some essentials (pencils, paper, notebooks, backpacks) they will need like every other mom does but I also make sure our oil supply at home is ready for the new school year.
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Young Living recently came out with a line of products especially designed for babies called Seedlings.   If you were anything like me you stressed over which products to use on your little ones.  The Seedlings line is formulated to be especially safe, natural and pure for your littlest one.  The Young Living Seedlings nursery line offers a baby wash/shampoo, lotion, wipes, baby oil and linen spray.  From mother nature’s nursery to yours.
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 A couple things that stuck out to me with Young Living vs other companies, Young Living is the oldest oils company around and is considered a world leader in the industry.  Young Living has the highest quality standards then any other oil company with their propriety seed to seal process.   Young Living also owns their 9 farms internationally and only uses the highest quality seeds.  If you took an Olympic size swimming pool and filled it with rice and one grain had lead in it Young Living’s equipment could detect that one grain of rice.  Young Living would reject anything that does not meet their standards.
Like me you might be overwhelmed at first wondering which oil(s) should I buy first.  Young Living made that simple!  They offer several different kits with some of their best selling oils at a reduced cost then ordering everything separately, my favorite is the premium starter kit with home diffuser. The premium kit includes 11 of Young Livings most popular oils for those that are serious about transforming their lives.  It also includes the home diffuser, samples of Ningxia Red and a wealth of resources for you!
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Being a Young Living member allows you to order your oils at a 24% discount and also monthly specials/free oils!  There is a ZERO monthly obligation when you sign up as a wholesale member.  No minimum orders, nothing!  It all benefits you being able to order at the discounted rate.  Being only a retail customer you pay full price, nobody likes paying full price…for anything.
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 I’m ready to get started!! What do I need to do?!

Woohoo!  I am so excited for you!  Follow the instructions below below to get started!

  1.  Click this link to take you to the order page.  There are numbers already filled in for you (my member number (1647780) so they know who sent you), so don’t change those!
  2. Pick your starter kit.  I recommend getting the premium kit with home diffuser, but there are several to choose from and they are all wonderful!
  3. Follow the remaining prompts to complete your order.

BONUS:  When you sign up with the number above, or by using the links in this post, you automatically become a party of my oily family!  Which includes invites to private groups on Facebook where you can ask questions, learn more about the benefits and become more comfortable with using oils.

AND you’ll receive 2 customized care packages from me over your first 3 months of your membership.  Just a few little things to show how glad we are to have you in the family and help you expand your knowledge!!

Still have questions?  Let me know!  I would love to help you understand essential oils better!

**these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not to diagnose, treat or prescribe.

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  1. We love Young Living in our house and use multiple oils everyday, not to mention the tocxic free cleaning options .

  2. Barbara Montag says:

    I am a daily user of oils and Young Living is the only one I get.
    My favorite is Valor for the emotional lift it gives me.

  3. This is wonderfully put together and very informative!! Well done and Thank You!! Young Living is the best!

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