A Look At Alternative Ways to Help Your Dog With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety can be common in dogs. They get distressed when they are separated from their owners. Their behavior can often be destructive, causing damage to furniture and other items in the home. Some dogs bark incessantly, which is very disruptive to you (and your neighbors). Dogs can get very agitated if you are trying to leave the house and will often try to escape to come with you. Homeopathy can be a real alternative to medication to help your dog’s separation anxiety. 
Calming Chamomile for your dog

If your dog’s separation anxiety is particularly bad, they may respond well to medication or treatment. This doesn’t have to mean giving your dog chemicals or sedatives however. Homeopathy is good at relaxing dogs and making them feel calm. It will help their human companions in the same way. Chamomile is a natural and effective sedative that will calm your dog and reduce their stress. Most dogs will quite happily drink a bowl of chamomile tea, alternatively put a few drops of camomile oil into an oil burner. 

Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla Nigicans)

Pulsatilla is available from your pharmacist and is good for dogs that cause destruction in your home. Add 30c to your dog’s water 3 times a day. Alternatively you can give this orally, but you may want to hide the pillules in a small piece of cheese. Not all dogs are good at taking medicine, and many will only take a tablet when it is disguised. It is a good alternative treatment for your dog that will ease their anxiety and calm barking habits. 


Valerian root is a common remedy for anxiety and insomnia for humans. It is available in tablet form, or can be drunk as a tea. Valerian tea bags are available in most main food stores. Try soaking your dog’s regular biscuits in valerian tea and you should find that it will reduce their nervousness and barking if you are leaving the house. Always make sure that your dog has a safe place to sleep if you are going out. It will make them feel less agitated and give them the comfort that they need. 

Gelsemium (Yellow Jasmine)

If your dog regularly shakes and trembles, then treating with 30c of Gelsemium 3 twice a day will help them. It will also help them with associated digestive disorders that they may have. 

If your dog is displaying symptoms of separation anxiety, you may wish to consult your vet to rule out any other underlying issues. It can be easy to get cross with your dog if they are barking when you leave, but it is really important to keep calm too, it will help your dog feel loved and secure.

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