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Have you walked down the bodywash section lately? The woman’s section is amazing, filled with creams and gels, light scents and heavy scents. The men’s section leaves something to be desired. There is typically red and black bottles, neither of which my husband loves. But thankfully now there is another option- there is New Man Revolution.New Man Revolution products are not your ordinary body wash or shampoo product. They are manpoo. Made from 100% natural coconut-based cleansers, therapeutic grade essential oils like spearmint and eucalyptus and free of all dyes, harsh chemicals and parabens.

NMR has worked hand-in-hand with eco-focused scientists to include ingredients that help your body’s largest organ, the skin, work as it is supposed to. The main ingredient is a coconut-based cleanser that removes dirt and pathogens, cleaning your skin without introducing destructive sulfates and parabens. Next, a blend of purpose-driven essential oils is added that smell delicious AND contain a powerful mixture of benefits for your body and hair. Each scent is custom-tailored by NMR’s team to create not just a nice smell, but an entire experience that will make your shower an occasion to look forward to.

Most (if not all) other men’s grooming companies on the market utilize harsh chemicals and parabens. Their main cleaning component is a nasty little ingredient that sounds like something made in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab and is VERY destructive to your body’s health. The manufacturers actually use a harsh cleanser that strips the natural oils from your body and then add in a dose of nasty artificial smells.

Instead of using this process, NMR uses natural cleansers made from coconuts that clean your skin without removing all the natural oils that help keep your body healthy. They add essential oils for fragrance and for their many beneficial properties. From what they tell me, the reason that other companies don’t also use these processes is that people are ignorant of what their nasty ingredients really do and it isn’t nearly as profitable. So, these BODYWASHES are not only free of questionable additives and chemicals, but they’re also vitamin dense AND support hair and body health due to the essential oils.

Scents include a musky fire-roasted peppermint and cedarwood blend that is called Firm Handshake, and a crisp spearmint-eucalyptus combination named Going Commando that inspires thoughts of fresh forest waterfalls. Both have become bestsellers in the world of men’s grooming.

Did I mention that NMR also supports firefighters and veterans? Every year, part of your money that you spend on this awesome shampoo and bodywash goes toward helping the heroes of our community.

You can test out a bottle for yourself at or if you’re feeling mighty adventurous you can subscribe to get a fresh bottle sent to you every 2 months. Is there anything better than waking up to a bottle of sexy sent straight to your doorstep?

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