Common Services Used by Homeowners

Homeownership is one of the biggest investments most people will make during their lifetime. If you own a home you know all too well that aside from the homeowner’s insurance and property taxes, regular maintenance is important in order to protect and preserve it. If you’re new to homeownership listed below are a few of the services you may want to consider.

Controlling Pests: Whether you live in a remote area in New England or a large city such as Dallas, Texas you will have the probability of rodents, bugs, and insects entering your home. In order to control the population and prevent an all-out infestation from occurring, you should consider hiring a pest control company. For instance, companies like Moxie, a Dallas-Fort Worth pest control business, specializes in the safe and effective removal of common pests for people who live in that area.

These companies also provide you helpful tips to keep them out. For example, removing bushes and weeds from the home perimeter and trimming back branches, and sealing cracks and small holes in the foundation will eliminate easy access to your home. It’s also important to clean your kitchen thoroughly each night. By removing dirty dishes, wiping down counters and appliances and sweeping the floor, you’ll remove food particles, the source that attracts bugs and rodents.

Landscaping: When the seasons go from the winter cold to the spring thaw many homeowners head outdoors to take advantage of the fresh air and the budding plants all around them. Unfortunately, you are not alone in your enjoyment of spring. Springtime brings with it insects, moss, weeds and growing vegetation.

For many people hiring a lawn care service allows them to focus more on the enjoyment part and less on the work involved with maintaining the outdoors. These companies also have experience and expertise wherein they can identify a potential problem before actually realized. If you sign on for biweekly service the costs involved for your home are generally worth the added expense.

Alarm System: With advancements in technology, an alarm system does much more than monitor your home for a would-be intruder. Today companies can set up a system to alert you to changes in the temperature inside your home, the presence of moisture and even have downloadable apps that let you close your garage, lock doors and view family members inside from virtually anywhere. In addition, the alarm system itself is high-tech with digital cameras transmitting in HD and the ability to rewind and save surveillance tapes. This gives any homeowner peace of mind.

Handyman: When you own a home there are minor problems that occur continuously. If you are not comfortable making the necessary repairs to your home or too busy to do them yourself, hiring a handyman and adding him to your list of emergency contacts is an excellent choice. This lets you address minor problems and correct them long before they turn into a major disaster that will cost you a lot of money to fix.

For the annual maintenance of the air conditioning and the plumbing, hiring a professional company to come once a year to clean and replace parts as needed will keep your systems operating at their full potential and keep your monthly bills at an affordable rate.

Housekeeping Services: Many families today have both parents committed to full-time jobs. In a home where there are children and pets, maintaining it regularly can become a task that’s almost impossible. For this reason, people hire an outside cleaning service to come to the home once or twice a week to do things like the dusting, vacuuming, and windows. This takes the burden off the homeowner, freeing up valuable time and energy that they can use for more important matters.

Owning a home is wonderful. It gives you a place to retreat to and enjoy the company of loved ones. Luckily, there are many services available that you can use to keep your home clean, comfortable, safe and preserved.


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