Things to Do with Kids in NYC

Having children will make you rethink your approach when going anywhere. When visiting NYC with your children, your primary goal will be to find kid-friendly attractions that adults can also enjoy. That’s why we’ve highlighted some of the things you can do when visiting New York with your children.

Walk the High Line: This is a beautiful place to go for a stroll. During the summer, the flowers along the High Line are beautiful and the birds are plentiful, making it a picturesque attraction. When going to the High Line with children, start walking at the 16th or 18th St. and go south – these entrances both have elevators, making it easier for parents with strollers.

You can grab some gelato for the kids along the way and end your walk at Gansevoort Street – it is a few meters away from the Hudson River Park Playground. If possible, visit the High Line during weekdays because it gets busy during the weekend.

Statue of Liberty: Visiting the Statue of Liberty in the morning will give you a matchless view of NYC. The climb up the steps is not very tiring, but you be ready to carry the little ones if they get tired. Your climb will be well worth it once you get to the top and see the unique vantage point.

If you want to climb up to the crown, you need to book your tickets in advance because they sell out quickly. When you take an NYC cruise to the Statue of Liberty, you will see amazing views of the city along the way.

See a Yankees Game: If it is a sunny day, consider taking your kids to see a Yankees game. This is quite an inexpensive activity and you will have a great time. Also, check out the Yankees website because they usually host kids’ activities before the games.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge: Take a stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge to see NYC from a new perspective. You can take your kids for ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory or have a fun day out at Main Street Park. Whatever you do, make sure to keep your children off the bike lane because it can be very dangerous.

Visit Central Park: Central Park is one of the best places to spend time with your kids in New York. While at this park, you can visit the Central Park Zoo, the Belvedere Castle, and ride the carousel. Your children might like the Ancient Playground, which has many unique things.

NYC Museums: Most of the museums in Manhattan have a complimentary guidebook for kids. To make things better, kids have free entry into many museums. Instead of seeing the whole museum, only take your kids to specific parts. For instance, if you are going to the Metropolitan Museum, you could only visit the Ancient Egyptian Gallery.

Take the Subway: Your children might enjoy riding the subway. Before going on a train, find out where it’s heading and is it express. You do not want to end up in an unknown part of the city with your children in tow. However, if you find yourself in this situation, just board a train that is going in the opposite direction.

NYC Candy Shops:All children love sweets. So, treat them with an excursion to one of the many candy stores in the city. Dylan’s Candy Bar, which is located on the Upper East Side, is a great place to start this delicious adventure.

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