How Moms Can Handle Financial Stress Better


Before you became a mother, you probably didn’t think twice about buying a new purse or pair of jeans. However, now that you are a mom, you probably constantly find yourself pinching pennies just to make ends meet. This is probably especially true, if you are a single mother. And, this is not to even mention the fact that most women make less money in the workplace as compared to men. While financial stress can be a burden for everyone, it seems to hit mothers much harder. Maybe this is their motherly instinct kicking in. Whatever the situation is, financial stress can have a huge negative impact on your life and it is important to learn how to properly deal with it.

Learn To Get Comfortable With Your Finances

As the mother of the household, you really need to sit down and spend some time coming up with a budget that works for your family. When you know exactly how much you make and how much you can spend week to week, you will feel a great weight lifted off your shoulders. In addition to this, creating a budget does not really have to be as complicated as most people make it out to be. In fact, all you really need to do is sit down and list your actual income for the month and make another list of your expenses. Don’t forget to include rent or mortgage, groceries, insurance, utilities, and car payments. Once you have your final list, go ahead and compare the two. While you might not be able to increase your income, there could potentially be some things that you could cut back on.

Pay Down Debt Whenever Possible

It is no big secret that for most mothers, the biggest stress factor is debt. It can be disheartening when you receive your statement each month and it looks like the balance is completely unchanged even though you have paid for it. This is why you need to start knocking down that debt as much as possible. If you have ever tried to remove bad credit items on your credit report, you probably already know just how difficult this can be. This is why you need to take a long, hard look at your debt and either knock out the smaller bills first, or start paying down the ones with the highest interest rates. You do not want to let yourself get behind, because it will be too difficult and stressful to get caught back up.

Save Money Whenever Possible

Kids are without a doubt expensive and buying school clothes and accessories is one of a mother’s biggest stresses. Not only is this something that you will have to do on a yearly basis, but also it can be extremely expensive. This is why you need to start the process ahead of time and consider shopping from consignment stores.

Know Your Insurance Coverage

Mothers are constantly worried about their children getting hurt and when you mix in the cost of medical expenses; this only increases a mother’s financial stress further. This is why it is imperative that you know exactly what your insurance provider will cover, what they won’t cover, and what the deductible is going to be. Knowing what you are facing ahead of time can greatly relieve some of that stress.



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