3 Creative Ways to Be Your Own Boss, So You Can Be the Best Mom  

The mom business is perhaps the most difficult of all. We are constantly enduring physical labor like cooking and cleaning; we are tasked with care, scheduling, and entertainment; and we deal with the ultimate angry customers in diapers every day.

Being a mother can make having another job feel impossible, but there are many ways to explore and grow your creative and professional self while still having time to be a stellar parent. Women are more than just moms. We’re creative, funny, smart, professional, and qualified.These apps and ideas are designed to help moms like us to ignite our full potential and be our own boss so that we can serve a dual role as both parent and professional.

  1. Online Tutoring

With the workweek that many individuals have to deal with, commuting to and attending classes in person has become somewhat of a passé notion. Those who seek post-grad instruction or specialization in topics like business, education, writing, and much more have turned to online education to impart the knowledge they need.

Many of us moms are highly qualified in the fields that we worked in prior to parenthood, and online teaching is a great way to make use of this experience! Creating an online curriculum that allows others to learn various topics quickly and easily is a great way to make money while also being your own boss.

You can easily make this job work with your busy life by pre-planning lessons and coordinating your grading and instruction schedule to maximize your ability to make it to play dates and doctor appointments.

  1. Beauty and Cosmetics

As a mother with a sometimes-repetitive schedule, it can be easy to lose touch of our creative side. This is why so many mothers turn to fashion, beauty, and style as a great way to make some money and have some fun with a flexible job. One way to use your fashion expertise to your advantage is by crafting jewelry.

Another, more economic way to make some money if you have the skill set is to get started in styling, dying, and cutting hair. Attending beauty school to achieve your certifications can be done through night classes, and once you’re certified, you are ready to go!

There are many new and exciting apps such as Gloss Genius – an app like https://www.shedul.com/ – that allow stylists to become entrepreneurs and book clients without the help of a larger salon or company. Be your own boss, make your own schedule, and exercise your creative muscles with a career in beauty and styling!

  1. Blogging

While blogging is not easy to monetize, it is incredibly fulfilling and is a perfect way to combine organization, self-care, mental health, and creativity. If you are able to do some research on the ins and outs of starting a successful blog, and you dedicate time to being consistent and thorough with your content, your blog could turn into a career, or at least a hobby that brings in a little cash here and there!

Many mothers start blogs to discuss their journey as a mother in healthy eating, exercising, parenting, and exploring the world around them with their kids. There is plenty to talk about and plenty to bond over.

Being a Boss Mom and a Mom Boss! 

Regardless of what career you pursue, or how long you wait after having kids to jump back into the job pool, every woman’s journey as a mom is entirely different. No matter how overwhelmed you may be, there are always options for you to explore your career and be your own boss while still being a great mother!

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