Goze: Protect & Amplify Your Phone

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Goze.

Did you know the average human looks at their phone every thirty seconds? Crazy isn’t it? Something that really didn’t even exist 30 years ago is now a very important part of every day life. They go everywhere with us, even the dirtiest of places (yes I sometimes scroll Pinterest in the bathroom, don’t lie- you do it too!), they are used for everything (banking, GPS, camera) and they take quite a beating.

All this means, for me at least I want to be able to protect and keep my phone as safe as possible. There are about a billion different cases on the market, currently I am using a multi functional case called Goze that helps solve all my problems with one little case.

Your bump can take a bump (1)Goze is way more than just a normal cell phone case. Each case is sound amplifying, antimicrobial and can protect your phone in case you drop it. I’ve wanted a case that could amplifies sound for quite a while, but they all needed extra batteries. Goze doesnt. It uses the sound that is already produced from the outside speaker that you use for phone calls or videos or GPS, and amplifies it 2.5x’s .Theater mode 2Through research Goze realized that some of the dirtiest things we come across on a daily basis are the bottoms of bags/purses, public touch screens (atm, parking, public trans), and our cell phone cases. They are typically made of plastic and rubber that have tiny, microscopic pits and imperfections that microbes of all types love to hide in. We keep them in dark places, with relative amounts of warmth typically, and we touch them all day. Kids and babies love to play with our phones, and they also love to put stuff in their mouth. No matter how vigilant we are, stuff happens. So they made Goze cases antimicrobial and acronym (BPA, PCB etc) free . It is completely non toxic, EPA approved, and offers amazing protection.theater-mode1Buy It: You can purchase a Goze case from gozeproducts.com. Stay up to date with sales and promotions by following them on Facebook.Real Mom Reviews Disclosure


  1. lynn brannen says

    I like the protection the case has.

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