4 Benefits of Purchasing a Slide-in Tanks and Restroom Trucks

A restroom truck must not be mistaken for an actual restroom. It is a cylindrical pumping system like the ones sold at satellite septic trucks.

If you are in the business of cleaning portable toilets, you have to make a decision between renting and purchasing your own slide-in tank. Below are the benefits of buying your own.

Efficient and Effective Quality of Sanitation

Without a slide-in tank, workers will be forced to gather and dispose human wastes by hand. The basin found under the portable toilets will be manually lifted and the contents will be poured into a giant container.

This activity is unhygienic. It increases the risk of spreading human waste on clothes and onto the portable toilet itself. The excrement, when not handled properly, can drop to the ground. This will attract flies and microorganisms that feed on feces, all of which have no benefit to humans.

With a slide-in tank, your restroom truck does the job of cleaning up the portable toilets. The workers, in proper sanitation attire, will only have to connect the suction hose to the waste basin. The truck driver has full control of the activities, which includes sucking the waste from the basin to the slide-in tank.

This also saves time because most trucks have huge capacities. A single slide-in tank can contain 2,000 gallons of human waste. With this capacity, there is no need to go back and forth from the events grounds and the disposal location. High capacity trucks can save you a lot of money in labor hours and time.

Legally Compliant Waste Disposal

Improper disposal of human waste is a violation of the law. This is why there are standards that engineers comply to when building a house. Because human waste is a carrier of bacteria, it must be disposed of properly to prevent an epidemic. It takes only one person to get infected to pass on a disease to thousands of people.

Slide-in tanks are designed to comply with these legal expectations. The tanks are sealed shut and there is no way human excrement can exit once it was pumped in. And because the waste is pumped from the waste basin directly into the tank, there is little likelihood that the waste will trickle to the ground and into water systems.

Waste that is not disposed of properly is not only harmful to humans but to vegetation, too. Because we eat processed foods, our wastes have contaminants that can impact local vegetation. As such, any wildlife that eats this vegetation will is risking the transmission of viruses and bacteria, which will be passed on to humans under the right conditions.

Though each state has its own laws about environmental protection, it is not uncommon for violators to go to jail and pay a fine. The reason being is that the violation poses a significant threat to the health of the public. With slide-in septic tanks, you are guaranteed that the manufacturers are aware of these laws and have incorporated these expectations into their designs.

Cost Efficient Way to Spend Capital

If you are a businessman, you are better off buying a slide-in tank than renting one. If you are renting out portable toilets, cleaning them will be a regular part of your responsibilities. After all, no customer will come back to rent your portable toilets should you fail to maintain its sanitation.

Employees in the human waste business are paid somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 per person annually. In fact, it is one of the highest paying dirty jobs worldwide. Now, you do not need just one person to clean up poo. You will likely need around four of them to compete a job. And depending on the size of your business, you may need more. And this is especially so if you are operating your portable toilets in multiple locations.

With four employees, you are spending roughly $200,000 per year. However, you can invest as little as $9,000 for a 300-gallon tank. With a slide-in tank, you can reduce the number of employees you need into two per project: one driver and one operator. That is a $100,000 straightforward cost savings annually.

Or you can rent the toilet truck.There are companies that rent out septic slide-in tanks for $200 per month. The contract lease is for at least 60 months but it may have an added benefit of a buyout rate of only $1. Essentially, you paid for the tank for $1,200 in rent and you are buying it for a dollar. This works best if you are short on capital.

Customizable Designs for Your Business Needs

Not all businesses have to scoop the same amount of human waste on regular intervals. As such, you need a customized slide-in tank for your toilet truck.

You can buy pre-made ones but as you go along your business, you may realize one day that there are components not available in the system you bought. The problem is that it is difficult to dispose of a toilet truck that has already been used. Not a lot of people are in this business and this reduces your market to nil.

When you purchase your own slide-in truck, you can ask the manufacturer to build one according to your needs. Here are some considerations.

Vacuum Power – this is the motor that holds the power to the suction. High-powered engines can suction human waste faster.

Tank Size – choose the size of your tank. You can have this customized to fit your truck and the amount of waste you are expecting to clean.

Tube Length – longer tubes are required if your parking space is far from where the portable toilets are put up. You may also need wider tubes to ensure that nothing clogs it.

When customizing your tank, consider the possibility that you will not only service portable toilets. You may one day be needed to suction a septic tank from a house, or drain a clogged sewer in your city.


Purchasing your own slide-in truck yields a lot of benefits. It is far better to build your own tank to guarantee that it serves your purpose. This is especially true of you have been in this business for a while and you already know what you want.

Listen to what your employees have to say and make a decision that complements both their desires and your pockets.

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