4 Fun Budget Trips That Your Kids Will Always Remember

As a family, we always look for ways to make an ordinary day feel like a holiday. We mark every long weekend on the calendar and plan a family trip. It is almost considered a tradition for many of us. It is the perfect approach to make wonderful memories, bond with the kids and give them exposure to real experiences. A family vacation is a great way to strengthen the family bond and make memories that will last a lifetime. As your kids grow to become adults and have kids of their own, they will reflect on the trips of their childhood.

Around 88 million Americans are planning to take a family vacation this year with 35 percent of that going international and 64 percent are planning an interstate road trip. When planning a family vacation one major factor to consider is the financial capacity – budget. But there are great places where you can take a wonderful trip without breaking the bank. Below are four fun budget-friendly trips your kids will surely remember.

Vicksburg, MS

Apart from wonderful memories and experiences, a family trip is the perfect venue to teach your kids a thing or two about life, history and so much more. A trip to Vicksburg, Mississippi is a sure delight for those interested in learning about the civil war and at the same time experience outdoor activities.

Here you can check out the Vicksburg National Military Park where you can see the sites where epic and tragic events in the Civil War occurred. The place also has exhibits and museums where they showcase war artifacts and historical information.

Afterward, you and family can go to an outdoor park where you can zip line to as high as 300 feet, play miniature golf or play sports, like soccer or football. And if you still have the energy, take all courage you have so you can take a spooky tour at night to some of the most haunted places in the area.

Destin, FL

Located in northwest Florida is the city of Destin – filled with stunning white beaches, great fishing spots, remarkable golf courses, and fun water parks. This place is perfect for beach life and so if you consider you and your family to be a bunch of beach bums then this is your spot. You can start off by visiting its world-class beach, a trip to its museum or watch a show at Gulfarium. Your kids will surely want to try some recreational watercraft activities or a spree to its water parks with mega slides. Visit the Fudpuckers where you can even hold a gator. Destin is a great choice where multiple choices of dining, games, and attractions are waiting for you.

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Hershey Pennsylvania, dubbed as “The Sweetest Place on Earth,’ is a budget trip your family needs to visit. Kids are naturally sweet-toothed and the name of this place should be enough to ring a bell on a remarkable chocolate bar everyone has probably tasted and loved – Hershey’s. This place is home to Milton Hershey’s chocolate factory. But apart from all the sweets, this place offers a lot of activities that parents and kids will love.

The main attraction here is the Hersheypark. Originally used as a form of incentive for chocolate factory employees, this theme park was opened to the public at around 1970 and has now 14 exhilarating roller coaster rides. A considerable bonus to this trip is the free admission to Chocolate World, a museum dedicated to Milton Hershey’s chocolate legacy.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach is a 60-mile stretch of beaches that is loaded with attractions for the whole family. The beachfront boardwalk is full of arcades, souvenir stands, food stands, and restaurants. This place has something to offer to each and everyone in the family. Apart from the usual attraction, this city and vacation resort is home to many Ripleys establishments from the world-known Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odd-itorium to Haunted Adventure and even Ripley’s Moving Theater. And let’s not forget the SkyWheel, the 187-foot tall Ferris wheel – the second-tallest in North America, a ride a kid will surely remember.

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