4 New-Baby Must Haves No One Tells You About

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If you go into your local big box store (Target, Walmart, Babies R Us) and let them know that you are expecting and what to make a registry for people to shop off of, they will hand you a list that has 100 plus items on it they recommend you include on your registry. You will find the normal crib, car seat and diapers on the list which I agree you should have- however you will also find that over 80% of the list is not needed. No baby needs a diaper pail, a wipe warmer or a high tech baby sized bath tub.

If I were to have a baby tomorrow, my list of items I need is actually quite small. Besides a sleeping space and a car seat, my list of must haves is actually quite short!

Must Haves

Medela Nipple Shield: In my opinion it is better safe than sorry when it comes to breast feeding. Ethan was a pro latcher and I had no issues at all. Carlee and Emmitt on the other hand were both butt heads when it came to latching. The only thing that made is possible for me to nurse them was a Nipple Shield! It honestly made nursing when they were not latching well painless- with out the nipple shield, I would never have been able to nurse as long as I did.

aden + anais Swaddle Blankets: If you want to wrap your baby in the best of the best, then you want aden + anais Swaddle Blankets. They surround your baby with softness that normal receiving blankets can not even begin to compete with, and are super easy for both mom and dad to learn to swaddle in!

Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow: I have tried many nursing pillows, actually to be honest I think I have tried them all. Hands down the very best is the Luna Lullaby. It can be used as a maternity pillow, a nursing pillow and a normal pillow after that. My two year old is still using the Luna I used to sleep with when I was pregnant with him!

Boba Baby Wrap: I am very, very picky when it comes to baby carriers. When they are little I need a wrap. There is something about how close and comfortably the Boba Wrap lets me hold my baby that makes it my choice carrier.

Do you have any baby item that you consider a need?


  1. Wendy Price says

    The nipple shields probably would have helped me.

  2. I’ve never heard of nipple shields. Interesting. I have always thought the Boppy was a necessity and MAM products: their bottles and pacifiers. Also, a really good quality baby blanket. My youngest daughter has hers (she’s 18) and while it has some damage 😀 it has held up really well.

  3. Charissa Myers says

    I wish had read this before I had my little girl a Bob wrap would have helped a lot since wanted to be held all the time but disliked the backpack style carriers

  4. Heard of nipple shields, but the reviews I read weren’t favorable. Guess I should have gotten some though, b/c my first didn’t latch right, and my second liked to bite when his teeth came in. Agree with the less is more view. Actually, my kids both didn’t like the baby blanket much either. Guess it’s too hot in the tropics.

  5. I haven’t tried that nursing pillow, but I agree withe the rest. The shields were recommanded to me at the hospital and helped my son get a good latch on one side. Love those blankets my 2 year old still uses them every day at nap time and night time. I also love that wrap, my son loved being wrapped in it… it saved my life so many times especially with having a 3 year old at the time.

  6. Mary Gallardo says

    Ugh, I wish that when I was expecting someone would have told me that more than half the crap on my registry was pretty unnecessary. haha It was my first baby, so I put everything on there… diaper genie, wipe warmer, bottle sterilizer, the whole shabang! Needless to say, I gave the diaper genie and wipe warmer away as gifts and the sterilizer was only used a handful of times, since boiling was much easier.

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