5 Tips for RV Travelers in Mexico: Safety, Preparation, and Fun

Mexico is a big and fascinating country that can be an absolute joy to explore in an RV. However, to make this trip pleasant and stress-free you’ll need to stock up your vehicle well and plan your route to include some interesting sites. A visit to Mexico City is an absolute must as here you’ll be able to not only restock the RV but also see some of the best attractions the country has.

What to Pack and Where to Have Fun: 5 Tips for RV Travelers in Mexico

1. Pack all essential meds: When traveling to Mexico in an RV you need to have your first aid kit fully stocked. But most importantly, you must have all prescription medications you will need during the trip. The prescription itself and the packaging of the meds must also be on hand.

You’ll be able to stock up on basic over-the-counter medications and first aid tools in any pharmacy in Mexico City. However, you might not be so lucky in small towns across the country. Prescription meds are often absent in the country by default, so be sure you have everything necessary for emergencies.

Be advised that some over-the-counter and prescription drugs are illegal in Mexico. Check out these two pages to learn what you can and cannot bring into the country under the current Mexican laws:

2. Explore Mexico City: All RV travelers in Mexico should take the time to visit the grandest of its cities. Mexico City is fun to explore and also a great place to do some shopping and enjoy some of the most beautiful architecture you’ll see in the country.

To make the most out of your visit consider using some tourist services that won’t constrain you with the need to book a place in a tour two weeks in advance. Strawberry Tours is a service providing regular free tours that will take you to all the most interesting landmarks and you can sign up at any time. This will give you freedom of arriving at your own pace, so you can always stay a few days longer at some cozy seaside town you go through on your way to the metropolis.

You can learn the schedules of local museums and galleries from their websites.

3. Stay away from border towns: RV travelers in Mexico should enjoy exploring the many small towns and cozy villages the country has, but be sure to go away from the border as fast as you can. Those places have a higher crime rate and with the traffic levels high, the chances of catching perpetrators should you fall a victim are very low.

You should also exercise caution when visiting popular tourist spots as they often attract scammers, pickpockets, and the like.

4. Get Mexican insurance for the RV: One essential thing that RV travelers in Mexico need to know is that their vehicle insurance will not be valid while in the country. At least this is the situation for American and Canadian travelers.

However, having your RV (or any motor vehicle) insured is mandatory. You can purchase a policy for the duration of your trip from many Mexican companies that you can contact at border towns. It will be best to arrange this ahead of time to speed up your crossing the border.

5. Map out RV-friendly campgrounds: Overall, Mexico is a great destination for RV travelers because the country is beautiful and big enough to enjoy exploring in a vehicle. There are many campgrounds in the most picturesque places. But not all of them are actually in operation.

You should research your route beforehand and talk to experienced travelers on forums to learn what the best campgrounds are. Note that many of them are very lacking in facilities.

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