5 Ways to Keep Your Backyard Organized

You’ve spent time and energy turning your backyard into a gorgeous and functional space for your kids to play in, for your friends and family to gather, and for you to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. While you’re thrilled your backyard is being used the way you always hoped, you’re now realizing that with use comes upkeep. So how do you keep your beautiful backyard neat and organized without making it off-limits? Here are five organization ideas to keep your backyard tidy.

1. Storage shed

An outdoor shed is key for backyard organization. A shed can hide all those items that get used in the backyard, but you don’t necessarily want on display at all times. Choose a shed that will house things like your gardening tools, large outdoor toys, lawn games, seasonal decorations and outdoor cushions during rainy weather. Sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles, from a small, unobtrusive plastic tool shed, to large wooden sheds designed to look like tiny houses.

2. Double duty benches

Patio benches with built-in storage provide seating and help you keep small items out of sight and out of the elements, says Good Housekeeping. Use your benches to stow frequently used small toys, like balls or trucks that will otherwise end up strewn across the lawn or outdoor accessories like lanterns that help provide light for an outdoor meal but that don’t need to be out at all times.

3. Designate outdoor stations

Your yard probably has multiple uses, so keep things tidy by designating areas for each of those activities. If you have a container garden or potted plants, invest in a potting bench that will serve as the area where those tools and supplies, and where you will pot your plants. Kids stuff will spread to whatever area is available, but you can help keep the chaos to a minimum by creating a portion of the yard dedicated to their big play equipment, like a jungle gym, climbing structure or water table. Likewise, use outdoor furniture to define spaces for dining and relaxation.

4. Seasonal cleaning

Just like you do inside your home a few times a year, you’ll need to give your backyard a deep clean. In the spring that includes clearing the beds, scrubbing and putting out furniture that was stored for the winter, washing the deck or patio, and cleaning gutters and windows. In the fall, your checklist should include mulching, aerating the lawn, clearing leaves and cutting back dying plants and shrubs, says This Old House. At least two times a year, go through your outdoor items get rid of things that are broken or no longer in good shape.

5. Invest in landscaping

Of course, you could have space for all of your outdoor items to reside, everything put away in its place, and without investing in landscaping, you could still have a backyard that looks messy and unorganized. To get a yard that looks neat all year round, you’ll need to make an initial investment of either time or money (or both) to install landscaping that looks beautiful, is functional for your lifestyle and is reasonable for you to maintain. Whether you hire a professional or go it alone, think about landscaping for the long term, about what kind of time and interest you have in keeping up your yard and plan accordingly.

You have a wonderful backyard and you want to keep it that way. Organizing your yard with ample storage, designated areas, seasonal cleaning and intentional landscaping will help you keep your outdoor space looking like the yard you love.

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