5 Ways To Reduce The Stress Of A Move With Kids

Relocating even a short distance can be extremely stressful especially when coordinating move in and move out dates when renting. This stress is multiplied when children or teens are involved in the move. While they can help you pack up most of the time younger children can get in the way of work being done. Teens could be a huge help but a teen that does not want to move can also be quite the hindrance. The goal of a mother should be to make the move a success and as stress free as possible. The following are a few tips that will turn the nightmare of moving into a mediocre dream through reducing the stress involved.

Research Your New City Before Telling The Kids

The children are going to take moving in different ways with some kids being excited while others could be devastated. Do research on the city that you are moving to so you can “pitch” that new city to the kids. Simply stating that the family is moving gives the children nothing to be excited about. For example, talking about the great music scene when moving to a city like Austin can help a teen upset by the move become much more agreeable. Talk about landmarks and the other opportunities that the new city will offer that your current city cannot.

Storage Can Be a Savior

There might be a chance where you cannot move all of your things into an apartment while looking for permanent housing. Renting a larger apartment simply to store things is not a cost effective strategy. Finding storage in Boston or New York City is easier than you think with many companies willing to come pick up the items that you want stored. Another option is taking a hard look at the things that you need versus the things that you want. Purging the family of unneeded items can help make the move easier as there will not be as many things to pack up.

Invest In Movers

The hardest part about moving is lugging around heavy furniture as well as packing up boxes. Looking into a moving company can be wise as many of these companies have insurance if an item is damaged. If you damage the item on your own then the expense to replace or repair that item will come out of your pocket. Take the time to do research on the companies that you consider as price and quality of movers can vary immensely. The last thing that you want when settling into your new city is to be physically exhausted, sore, and with a potential back injury from trying to move something a little too large.

Plan Visits Back To Your Old City/Town

Planning visits back to your old hometown can be important for you as well as the children. For shorter moves that make the trip drivable take a few trips on longer weekends. There is a chance that your children figure out that your new city offers so much more as far as things to do and different people to meet. This might not be your idea of a great vacation but you might be able to see some old friends as well. Our hometowns impact the people that we develop into so going back sporadically can make a huge difference.

Get You and Your Kids on Social Media

Social media is the world’s best way of staying in contact with people regardless of where they are located in the world. The ability to have a face to face conversation through a smartphone could not be easier. One factor that most kids and teens will be upset when moving is that of leaving their friends. As a mother it is important to teach the kids about being safe on social media as predators can pretend to be anyone they desire. For this reason it is important to monitor the use of social media by younger children as your teens should be wise enough to know to avoid certain people. Keep profiles private and check the friends list of your kids weekly to see if they are only adding people they know in person.

Mothers have a hard enough time balancing careers and families. Moving with a family is just another challenge that we as mothers need to overcome. The above tips can help lessen the stress due to the move as well as make the move easier on the family. Take the time to write out pros and cons of moving before a final decision is made as you might find that staying put will benefit the family the most!

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