6 Reasons You’ll Want a Premises Liability Lawyer

There are numerous situations in which you may want to take legal action because of another party’s negligence in an accident, and many of them are premises liability cases.

The essence of a premises liability situation is that the owner or renter of the premises has a legal responsibility for visitors, employees (if applicable), neighbors, and essentially anyone who sets foot on the premises.

This is true of businesses, of course, as well as homeowners and renters – in essence, everyone who owns or occupies a property will have some degree of premises liability.

Knowing your rights is important for protecting your interests, so here are6 reasons you’ll want a premises liability lawyer.

Reason 1): Problem Dogs

If you sustain injuries from a dog bite, you may have a personal injury case against the owner. However, you may also have a premises liability case, depending on what the situation was.

The reason for this is simple: property owners and renters can play a role in dog bite cases through negligence. In some cases, people fail to properly supervise their dogs, or fail to put them places that are not easy to access.

Perhaps the dog wasn’t properly restrained, or was restrained in the wrong place. Perhaps the owner invited you onto their property, but didn’t caution you about their overzealous dog.

All of these are fairly sound cases for hiring a premises liability lawyer to pursue legal action.

Reason 2): Slip and Fall Accidents

These are some of the most common accidents, and can be textbook premises liability cases. While the complexities of the situation matter a great deal here, the key point is that the owner is responsible to take what is called ordinary care to keep the premises and the approaches to them safe.

For example, in some cases there may be what is called a static defect on the premises, something like a crack in a sidewalk or a depressed area of pavement. Here, the relevant legal principle is the “plain view” doctrine: in essence, if the static defect is in plain view, you’re responsible for paying enough attention to see it.

However, if a static defect is obscured or unobservable, you’re likely to have a good premises liability case on your hands.

A second type of slip-and-fall case involves foreign substances, such as oil, water, and other things. If the other party had knowledge of a foreign substance which was responsible for your injury, and you did not, again, you’ll probably have a good premises liability case.

Reason 3): Poor Maintenance of Premises

Poor maintenance of premises can be another reason for a premises liability case. Here you’ll want to consider things like shoddy construction, dangerous clutter, walkways that are ill-kept, and so on.

Porch collapses are some of the nastiest premises liability cases out there. There’s a fair bit of complexity attached to most premises liability cases, but porch collapses have their own dedicated attorneys.

The Benton Law Firm explains that: “When a porch collapses, it usually means that the property owner was negligent in the design, construction, or maintenance of the structure.”

If you’re in a porch collapse situation, it’s a good idea to hire an experienced attorney to represent you.

Reason 4): Obstructions

Whether an obstruction is on a floor, hanging from a ceiling, or present elsewhere, the owner of the premises is likely to be liable if there was not sufficient warning of its presence and  you injure yourself on it.

As with static defects, whether or not you could reasonably be expected to see the obstruction will likely play into your case. It’s certainly well worth your while to try to figure this out if you’ve been injured by an obstruction on someone’s property.

Reason 5): Falling From Heights

It’s common for restaurants, bars, and clubs to have more than one floor, and sometimes to have platforms and decks as well. When these areas are poorly maintained, there can be a good case for premises liability.

In particular, instability in these structures, as well as a lack of guardrails, insufficient lighting, and the presence of debris can all play into accidents that will likely make you eligible for a significant personal injury settlement.

Reason 6): Poor Security

There are some premises and some situations in which an owner or occupier of a property may be liable for making sure that it is in reasonably safe condition. Failing to do this may lead to good grounds for a successful premises liability suit.

If you know when you need a lawyer, you’re much more likely to get the representation you need.






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