6 Tips To Help Your Best Friend Organize Her Wedding Party

When you’re your best friend’s maid of honor, this role also comes with a lot of responsibility. You want everything to be perfect and the day itself to be sweetly memorable. Along with that, you also have to put on your best smile and be a support system to the bride herself.

Knowing what to do for your best friend’s wedding party is just as important as knowing what not to do. Not sure how to make everything go smoothly yet still have fun?

Here are a few guidelines to see you through!

  1. Stay On Track

If you’re ever going to get this party started and ended on time, stay organized and help the others do the same. Double-check the bride’s appointments and list down all you need to do. Invest in some binders and subscribe to the relevant sites or Pinterest boards.

At the same time, you want to be careful not to go overboard in preparing. Narrow down your options as soon as possible so you can spring into action right away.

  1. Set Out Time

You may be the world’s greatest multi-tasker, but planning a wedding takes a lot of time and concentration. Whether it’s buying bulk candy for vending or deciding what to wear to a cocktail party, your best friend has always looked to you for help. This is the phase of your life where you should set aside some time just for her.

See if you can take a few days off work, or at least lighten your workload so you can always be accessible when it comes to organizing the wedding party. Go with the bride-to-be to the dress fittings, makeup trials, and just generally be there.

  1. Respect The Couple’s Wishes

If you’re in charge of the wedding party, think of yourself as part of a team rather than a leader. The bride’s choice is what matters at the end of the day, so make sure to respect her wishes. If the groom has any specific desire to add, you should seriously consider that as well. Even if you think the choices they’re making in terms of dresses and decorations are regrettable, it’s their party at the end of the day.

  1. Share Around

If your best friend is stuck on ideas, share some well-chosen articles or Pinterest boards with her. Do some research on party favors, decorations, dresses, etc, and help inspire the bride for her big day. If you’ve done some party planning before, you must have a lot of ideas in store. There’s no need to be pushy while sharing these ideas. All you have to do is be supportive and help your friend stay realistic as well.

  1. Note The Tiny Jobs

When it comes to a huge project such as organizing a wedding party, there are several little tasks that often get overlooked. This may especially happen on the day of the event itself.

This is why you need to make a list of who’s in charge of what small, but immensely important chore. Someone should hand out the tips, make sure to take the rest of the cake home, and collect the gifts together. Leaving out such small things could spoil the mood of the day, which is the last thing you want.

  1. Stay Alert On The Big Day

When the wedding day arrives, you may think that you’ve done all you can. This is far from the truth. You may have been through the rehearsal several times, but anything can go wrong the minute you take your eyes off the running.

The thing to do here is to be on hand for the brides, the bridesmaids, and anyone else who may need help. Have an emergency kit filled with band-aids, safety pins, hair pins, and other essentials.

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