7 Best Day Trips from Alkimos

Alkimos, a suburb located in Perth, offers its residents the ultimate beach living lifestyle. This is why house and land in Alkimos Beach quickly rose, because who wouldn’t want to live in a place where the community exudes a perennial relaxing vibe?

However, as anyone living in a tropical destination would know, even a relaxing place can be a bit tedious. You’re already in Australia, which means exciting trips and activities is only a little ways away! So here are the best places to visit and activities to do from Alkimos, Perth.


A change of space from the usual nature trips, a visit to Fremantle offers an urban escape replete of the busy buzzing of the Perth CBD. It is a half hour train ride from Perth to the south of Swan River. Fremantle is best explored on foot so you can easily visit its vintage shops, cafes, and galleries. Around the city you will also find street art and historic buildings, perfect for those looking for their next Instagram shot.

Rottnest Island

You’ve probably heard of the Quokkas, the cute marsupials that always approach visitors of the Rottnest Island. PIctures of them smiling with selfie-taking travelers instantly become viral. Known to be the happiest animals on Earth, the Quokkas don’t have natural predators on the island, so they are friendly to everyone.

From Fremantle, take the Express Ferry to Rottnest Island. Since there are very few motorised vehicles on the island, the best way to go around is to rent a bicycle. Find caves, coves, and lighthouses around Rottnest.


And now to the beaches! Pack your lunches and ready your gear, because Albany has some of the best beaches in Australia. Head on over to Middleton Beach, just four kilometres away from the city centre. The Noongar peoples call this place the Binalup, which means the place where the first light of the sun can be seen as it rises over the water every morning.

Go to Torndirrup National Park where dramatic formations can be found. You might also get to see migrating whales swim by. If you want a more secluded beach, you can also go to Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve where Little Beach is located.

Lake Clifton

Located in the south of Perth, in the Peel Region, Lake Clifton is said to be where you can find the world’s oldest organisms. The living rock formations called the thrombolites are believed to resemble the earliest forms of life on Earth. There is a boardwalk you can use to go up the thrombolites and you can see up close how smooth these rocks are, considering they’re supposed to be alive.

Swan Valley

Swan Valley is one of Australia’s wine regions, offering countless cellar doors welcoming guests for tastings. There are also boutiques selling good cheese and chocolate, perfect for all the wine you will get to try. You’ll also get to visit the Guildford, an English-looking town where you can find pubs, eateries, and also heritage trails. If you’re looking for art shops and museums, drop by Whiteman Park.


Augusta is the most south-western point in Australia and is a holiday destination offering countless watersport activities and dramatic coastlines. The town in Augusta is bordered by Flinders bay and the seas of the Southern Ocean, and overlooks the Hardy Inlet. Standing tall is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, a functioning lighthouse offering tours where you can get 360 views of the oceans. Other places you can visit are the Jewel Cave, Boranup Forest, and Hamelin Bay. Activities you can enjoy include whale watching, snorkeling, windsurfing, and paddling.

New Norcia

Completely different from the beaches, forests, and historic towns, you should visit the inland town of New Norcia. The only Monastic town in Australia, the community is established by Benedictine Monks. Whether you’re Catholic or not, this town offers unique architecture and beautiful scenery.

When you find yourself looking for something exciting to do in Alkimos, make sure to check out these nearby destinations.

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