7 Tips for Maintaining Your Car

Maintaining your car requires more than just a wax job here and there. Especially if it’s your first vehicle, you should be building lifelong habits in car maintenance that will help you care for both your current model and any future models that you might acquire. Here are just a few ways to get yourself started with a good foundation in vehicle upkeep.
1. Change Your Oil

This is one of the most important skills that you can learn as a car owner. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most basic. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to check and change your oil, and if you learn how to do it yourself, you won’t even have to pay a mechanic for the pleasure. You can get it done in your own garage in a matter of minutes.

2. Check Your Tire Pressure

Air pressure is one of those things that can quietly fade without your knowledge, so don’t wait until you have a big, earth-shattering puncture to pay attention to your car tires. Give them a squeeze whenever you’re performing checks on the rest of your vehicle, and add some air if you think that their pressure is getting low.

3. Let There Be Light

You don’t want to learn about a broken tail light because a cop has pulled you over. Test all of your interior and exterior lights when you’re performing a vehicle check; a simple blinking exercise will let you know if they’re working properly. If anything’s dim, flickering or completely worn out, you’ll know that it’s time for repairs.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Windshield

Windshields are another thing that many car owners don’t think about until there’s a problem, but if you’re serious about maintaining your vehicle, you’ll want to make a habit of glancing over your glass. Fissures can develop long before cracks and breaks, and the earlier that you catch them, the cheaper that it will be to get them fixed by Calgary auto glass companies.

5. Mind Your B’s

Pay attention to your belts, brakes and batteries. All of these things can cause catastrophic accidents if they fail, so it’s worth the effort of popping the hood whenever you think that you might have a problem. Are there any squealing noises coming from the engine? Are your brake pads resisting pressure? Has your battery gotten old?

6. Inspect Your Emission System

You don’t have to be “green” to care about your car’s emissions. It’s actually good for your vehicle to have its emission system periodically checked for efficiency; a well-running system will improve your car’s overall handling. In some states, it’s even a law to have it professionally inspected every so often. Try to look at your emission system at least 1-2 times a year.

7. Replenish Your Fluids

From coolants to antifreeze solutions, there are dozens of fluids that might need to go into your vehicle at any given time. Just make sure that you know the difference between brake fluids, transmission fluids and power steering fluids. You don’t want to mix anything up before you pour it into your engine!

These are just a few tips for maintaining your vehicle. It’s one of your biggest financial investments, so it’s important to regularly and routinely care for it. Good luck!


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