8 Projects To Up The Equity Of Your Home This Weekend

For most of us, a weekend seems like it can come and go in the blink of an eye. What if you were able to increase the equity in your home by just putting aside one weekend, spending a small budget, and using a little creativity?

7-home-improvement-projects-DIY-Enjoy-social-938x535If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.  You don’t have to necessarily replace your kitchen appliances or do furnace repairs to increase your house’s equity. There are many home improvement projects you can attempt that will take you no more than a couple of days. With quite a while before the spring months return, now is the perfect time to nestle in and increase the value of your home. Try these eight projects to up the equity you have invested in your home.

1) Redo the entryway: There is nothing that can make a house less appealing than an entryway that is disorganized, or doesn’t have storage for all your belongings. Find a space to build some shelving to hang your hats, gloves and jackets. If your budget is tight, find an old entertainment armoire and convert it to a hanging cabinet. Nothing adds ambiance more than having a built-in closet to welcome strangers in from the outdoors.

2) Replace your front door: Nothing can increase the appeal of your home more than curbside appeal. Often an outdated door can make the entire house look old and tattered. Replacing the front door can be simple with the right tools. Order a door that will fit within the existing space and replace the door jam. Instantly your home will look more inviting and updated.

3) Add wainscoting or molding: If you want to make your home look more traditional and stately, add wainscoting to the walls. Many home do-it-yourself stores sell wainscoting and chair rail kits to line your office or dining room. If you have a saw and a measurement tape, you can completely transform your living space to make it look more rich and appealing. Add some oil-based paint to the wainscoting, and you can instantly increase the value of your home.

4) Change out your countertops: 
Dated countertops can make a kitchen look retro, but not in a good way. It only takes a weekend to replace countertops. Look into new materials such as cement, slate, or quartzite. You don’t necessarily need an installer to put your countertops in. With the right measurements, all you need is some caulk and a couple of hands to place the countertop in the right place. Since it is all about the measurement, make sure to double measure and read up on the correct way to do so, before you send the dimensions for it to be cut.

5) Add shutters: Plantation shutters will significantly increase the value of your home. There are many faux wood designs that look just as amazing as real wood. They are easier to clean and won’t start to look old quickly like some real blinds can. The key to shutters is the measurement. If they are cut correctly, it won’t take you long to install the shutters to your windows. Make sure to prime them before hanging so that you aren’t playing catch-up after the install.

6) Add a coffered ceiling: If you want to add ambiance and wow to a space, add a coffered or tray ceiling. Layering different sized moldings, you can create some really cool designs and textures to a dining room or master bedroom. Choose pieces that will create depth, and make sure to cut tight before installing. The old term measure twice, cut once, is the best advice ever. It can become really expensive if you don’t take the time to measure correctly.

7) Change out your ceiling fan: 
Much like glasses date you; an old ceiling fan can date your decor. There are some really cool and innovative ceiling fans that can make any room look updated and contemporary. Spending more on a ceiling fan will make the focal point of the room pop. A ceiling fan isn’t just for the circulation of air, it can overpower any space, so choose carefully.

8) Strip your cabinet doors: If your kitchen is beginning to look old and beat up, resurface the cabinet doors. If you think that it is above your pay grade, it most likely isn’t. Most real wood cabinet doors can either be scraped and refinished, or you can paint over them. The key is to use a good primer paint and then follow it up with an oil-based latex one. That will keep your cabinet paint from chipping and will give it a more “rich” appearance.

There are many changes that you can make to your home with very little skill and tools. If you are willing to put in a weekend and a little sweat equity, you can transform any room in your home and increase the overall value of your home.

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