8 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being a Sorority “Big”

Everyone loves being admired.

The wide-eyed, nervous sorority girl shadowing you isn’t just your friend, she’s your little. That means she looks up to you. It’s your job to help her navigate college life. She’s basically going to become a cross between your best friend and your little sister.

If you’ve ever wanted to play an influential role in another woman’s life, this is your chance. You’re going to be the person your little turns to when she needs advice.

Becoming a big is a blast. Here are some reasons why women love it.

  1. Your Social Life Improves

You’re in a sorority so you probably already have a bustling social calendar. The relationship with your little, however, is special. It’s up to you plan one-on-one outings with her. Go to the local museum, try out the new restaurant in town. It doesn’t matter what you do, just commit to spending time with your little.

  1. You can be Creative

Having a little is almost like having a romantic partner. You can do arts and crafts together and celebrate each other on holidays. That can mean a card for Valentine’s Day and big & little sorority sister gifts for Christmas.

  1. Your Cheerful Side Can Reign

It’s easy to get bogged down in the annoyances of life. When you’re with your little, however, your goal is to be a cheerleader. You’re her support system, the person who’s supposed to have all of the answers. Being around your little almost forces you into a good mood.

You shouldn’t have to fake it either. As your relationship develops, you’ll naturally become happy to see your little.

Remember, she needs you.

  1. You’ll Need Her

Your little isn’t the only one benefitting from your relationship. You need her too. By the time you graduate, you’ll both have a lot of adventures to look back on. Those memories will be the ones that you keep for life.

A big/little relationship isn’t based on random encounters. You’re expected to really invest in the relationship.

  1. You Grow

Sorority life can be complicated. Chances are, your little is going to make some blunders. When that happens, it’s an awesome opportunity for growth- for both of you. Your little learns from her mistake while you get a lesson in being responsible for someone else. Don’t let your little go awry.

You might need to have a few uncomfortable conversations. It’s better to make your little feel awkward and defensive for a few minutes than to sit by silently while she plunges into a disaster.

  1. You’re a Mentor

The big/little relationship runs deep. Sure, you get to take cute photos and send each other gifts, but you’re also expected to be there when things go wrong. For many women, being a big is their first experience in a leadership role.

Seeing yourself in a position of authority can deliver a powerful jolt of self-esteem.

  1. You’re Now an Adult

Once another adult human being starts looking to you for guidance, it’s a sure sign that you’re no longer a child. People join sororities during a transition period in their lives. You enter college as a legal adult but practically, you’re still a child. Maturity comes fast. Most seniors can’t believe the dumb things they did while they were freshmen.

Adopting a little is a way to hasten the maturing process. You’ll become wiser almost overnight. You’ll have to, your little might start pestering you with questions about something you’re expected to know about.

  1. Your Life Might Change

Becoming a big is an adventure. When you take on your little, you hardly know her. You know why you choose her and you probably feel a connection with her but you have no idea how your relationship will turn out.

Big/little relationships are an important part of the sorority experience. Greek life isn’t just about partying and meeting fun people, it’s about building a durable sisterhood. The connections forged in college sorority houses are often strong enough to last a lifetime.

If everything works out well, you’ll become extra close to your little.

The support network isn’t dissolved upon graduation. You’ll continue to reap the benefits of having been in a sorority for the rest of your life. There are women who pledge sororities solely to gain access to their alumni network.

When you enter the real world, you’ll have the combined support of sorority sisters that you’ve met and those that you haven’t.







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