9 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Baby

Expecting a baby can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially for first-time mothers. There are a lot of things to do in a short time, and one of them is preparing your home. So, whether your due date is nearing or you feel like getting your home in tip-top shape, here are nine things to do to ready your home.

Get Your Home A Safety Examination

Having a toddler at home who can crawl and open cabinets full of chemicals might appear like a lifetime away, but it’s not. In fact, babies tend to be mobile overnight, so it’s wise to prepare now than start lacking sleep.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends storing cleaning products in securely locked cabinets that are out of sight and out of reach to kids. They advise parents to use magnetic locks on cabinets that are accessible.

Manage The Daily Dirt

Even the most organized home can become a nightmare site once the baby arrives. So you need to prepare on time. If you vacuum to clean your home frequently, you might consider switching to a Bissell natural sweep as it doesn’t produce a lot of noise and vibrations. You don’t want to disturb or scare your baby when she is asleep.

And if you reside in a multilevel house, get a basket to toss items on both levels. This way, you minimize the chances of moving your baby up and down the stairs when you want to toss items. A 2012 research unraveled that approximately 25% of baby injuries occur when babies are being carried up and down staircases.

Prepare For Visitors

You may start receiving visitors, like your best friends or mother, before and after the baby comes, so it’s better to spend time now preparing where your guests will stay or need.

This way, you won’t be racing against time looking for towels or sheets when you get home from the hospital. Buy enough toothbrushes, toilet papers, and toothpaste. Change the sheets and install an extra fan in the room.

Clean The Red Zones

If you think the germiest parts in your home are the doorknobs and light switches, think again. The kitchen sink, refrigerator handles, toothbrush holders, countertops, and cutting boards have more germs.

Therefore, that’s where you should focus your attention. And when done, strive to stash sanitizing wipes close to these hot spots so that you can wipe them regularly.

Reinvent Your Kitchen Space

Examine your counter with a critical eye to determine what can stay and what should be kept away. What kitchen essentials do you have and what will you need? For example, the coffeemaker can stay, but what about that tortilla warmer you hardly use? Create room instead for the baby-food maker.

You can even clean out a drawer to create room for keeping pump parts. You will also need space for storing baby spoons, feeding bottles, cups, and bowls.

Make Room In The Fridge

For now, your baby is still on an all-liquid diet. Nonetheless, you need to make room for breast milk and formula, and all the food that friends or family will bring when they visit.

So before you go shopping, clean your fridge. Discard expired or unidentified food, and then wipe the shelves using a warm sponge and scrub sticky spots with a white vinegar solution.

Prepare For Stains

When your baby arrives, you may start asking yourself why you dress her because of the mess she can easily make. But, spit-up, urine, baby food, and poop can be best cleaned with an enzymatic stain cleaner, which is carefully designed to disintegrate stain and soil particles.

So if you spot stubborn stains, just spray on the remover and soak them in cold water for a few minutes or until you’re ready to wash it.

Get Enough Sleep

Once your baby arrives, you’re going to be exhausted. You have to wake up at night to feed and soothe your baby. So get enough rest and sleep for now. Now that you know you may have to move to another room to feed her, consider getting a co-sleeper or a bassinet so that your baby can sleep next to you.

Prepare Baby’s Room

If you intend to have a separate room for your baby, you need to prepare that room now. Make it as quiet and dark as possible. You can opt for liners or window curtains for your window treatments so that light won’t wake your baby.

Finally, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, consider getting white noise equipment or a soothing stuffed animal to keep the sounds outside.

With these tips, you can rest assured that you’re ready for your baby. Feel free to add on to the lost!

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