A Review Of The Amazon Fire Stick

Home entertainment streaming can be a challenge especially when you want to watch your favorite shows. Thankfully, among the newest inventions is the Amazon Fire TV stick. It was recently released late last year. What happens is that you plug the Fire Stick to the TV HDMI port. There is everything for everyone because it lets you access your favorite games, TV shows, movies, and subscription services.

Most importantly, the Fire Stick allows you to move with your media even when you are traveling. You’ve probably heard about Kodi. It is an app you can use with the Amazon Fire Stick which gives you access to many content providers like HBO, Netflix, YouTube among others. It complements the fire stick. This article explains How to Install Kodi on Fire Stick Quickly and Easily.

More About The Fire Stick

One of the most notable benefits of the Fire Stick is the fact that if you are on the move, you can still carry it. What happens is that it houses all your content. You can plug it in a compatible TV, and you can watch your favorite shows seamlessly.

For Amazon Prime members, the Fire Stick is usually pre-registered to your account which becomes easier to access Amazon Prime content. Amazon Prime users have access to more content such as over two million songs than the standard users.

Recently, Amazon came up with an exciting offer of £49.99 which comes with a Fire Stick and an Echo Dot. The Echo Dot is a voice-controlled speaker which lets you ask Alexa to play music or whatever you want.

If you are buying the Fire Stick alone, it goes for £39.99.

Product Details

Here are details for the Fire Stick:

•    It weighs 32g

•    Its processor is MediaTek Quad-core ARM 1.3 GHz

•    The internal storage is 8GB

•    Comes with a 1GB RAM

•    It is optimized for the Amazon Fire TV Game controller

•    The output resolution supported is 720p and 1080p up to 60fps

•    It has a limited warranty of one year

•    When you purchase, what’s included in the box is the Fire Stick, USB cable, power adaptor, Alexa Voice Remote, HDMI extender, and 2 AAA batteries

•    Has voice support through the Alexa Voice Remote or you can download the Fire TV Remote App

•    There is free cloud storage for any Amazon content you need to store

•    It has a micro-USB that’s only for power and an HDMI output

•    Subtitles are available but not for all content

•    It is compatible with HD TVs that have HDMI capability of 1080p or 720p

The Fire Stick works with your home’s Wi-Fi. You choose the network, and you are good to go. Once you buy it, you have to initially enter your Amazon account information and then pair the remote. You can either talk to Alexa to perform different functions or just use the remote to select what you want; Movies, Apps, TV shows, etc.

For most parents with children, their biggest scare is their kids stumbling upon content that is above their age. Also, the recent Momo challenge shows that their needs to be parental control on streaming devices. As such, the Fire Stick has parental control and parents can easily set up a 5-digit PIN. The Pin will be required every time a user wants to play a video that has parental advisory instructions.  

You can enable or disable the parental controls depending on your preference.

In as much as the Fire Stick comes with games, you need an Amazon Fire TV game controller to enable you to play games. You don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to enjoy the features that come with the device.

Advantages Of The Fire Stick

The Fire Stick is fast and quite responsive. It allows you to access the content you need without any delay.

Needless to say, it is pretty easy to use. The set up takes approximately five minutes as there are guidelines on how to set it up.

The amount of content available is impressive.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, there’s even more content for you.

The Fire Stick has excellent wireless coverage. It picks up the Wi-Fi effortlessly regardless of the distance.

Its 8 GB internal memory storage is also impressive.

Alexa integration is great for people who prefer to speak out the instructions. The remote option is also simple to use and responsive especially when you need to type things out.

For people who want to monitor the data consumption rate of the Fire Stick, especially those who may have limited data plans, you enable data monitoring. Just go to the settings then preferences then data monitoring.


The Amazon is a great choice, and it makes predictions on what you might like to watch based on what you’ve viewed previously. This way, it gets to suggest some other alternatives which you might find interesting.

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