An iPhone Doctor That Makes House Calls!

Disclosure: My iDevice repairs in the feature below were compliments of iCracked!

Updated experience listed below.

Keeping kids up to date with technology is more important now than ever. Even in school kids are introduced to computers and tablets at a young age to keep them current with newer technology. We are an Apple family. My husband and I both have iPhones and we have a family iPad.  I’m not gonna lie , letting young kids use newer technology is a risk. It’s a risk we are willing to take even after an iPad that took a bath, an iPhone that fell out a car window and an iPad that tumbled all the way down concrete stairs. See this face? This is a face that realizes Wreck It Ralph can no longer be watched on the beloved iPad.

IMG_7353This week we had two of those three incidents happen. Which meant that the kids had no iPad and my husband had no iPhone. I brought both devices into Apple but unfortunately we did not purchase accidental coverage so the damage was not covered- a tech suggested I check out iCracked.

1004493_10201155303678939_431553199_niCracked is a large network of 430 iTechs in 43 states and 11 countries who can fix any broken screen in a flash. All you do is enter your zip code at and select what device you need repaired and why. Then you choose how you want your phone fixed.

With iCracked you have three options:

  1. On-Demand Repair: An iTech comes to your house and fixes your broken device.
  2. Mail-In Repair: Slip your device into a prepaid postage and mail your device to Headquarters.
  3. Do-It-Yourself Kits: Provides replacement parts and tools, as well as detailed instructions so you can repair your own device.

I choose the On-Demand Repair because there was a tech in my area. I spoke with an iTech on the phone to set up a house call and that same day he came out to the house to fix my phone!

IMG_7361He brought every thing he needed and worked diligently to fix my phone. In less than an hour my phone looked brand spanking new.

IMG_73672Check out this side by side! Awesome isn’t it?

0116f0e2The iPad took a bit more elbow grease so repair so it was taken home with our tech and brought back a few days later.

UPDATE: We were so excited to have our cracked devices back and in working order, but our happiness did not last long. We realized about a week after using the iPhone that the glass was installed crooked. About a month after the iPad was dropped by me, from the couch to the floor and the screen shattered!! I was astonished and called iCracked right away. They had a different tech refix our items. Good as new again.

The iPad screen held up for another four months before shattering, again from a very simple drop. Our original iPad screen lasted drops, kicks, hits and kids for over three years. I know that no glass can be as strong as Apple glass, but I expect way more than only a few months use.

Unfortunately, because of how easily the iCracked replacement glass breaks, I can not recommend that you use them if you do have a broken screen. However, if you are desperate and looking for a short term fix you can find a local tech in your area by clicking here.

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  1. Wow, that is cool. I wonder if there is a rep in my area. I have seen ads for a few people that repair cracked screens but, I don’t have a need for that service at the moment.

  2. Haha! You’ve got to love that face!! So cute 🙂 My kids are big fans of Wreck it Ralph too. They did a great job fixing your screen. I will have to keep them in mind if I ever need one fixed. So far, my kids have only managed to drop my phone into the toilet once and on another occasion, leave it out in the rain. “sigh”

  3. Melissa Kammeyer says:

    What an adorable face. How can you say no to that? 🙂 What a cool program, I had no idea about. Hope I won’t need their service anytime soon but good to know it’s out there.

  4. What a great service! I do have accidental coverage but I just can not be without a phone. It gives me peace of mind to know there is another solution out there!

  5. Addicted2scents says:

    Love that face! 🙂 I would cave into whatever he wanted if I received a look like that. Glad he got Wreck it Ralph up and going again and thanks for introducing us to this great service. Good to know!

  6. ellen beck says:

    That is pretty neat that someone can come to your house and do that! That would save tons of aggrivation.

  7. marissa lee says:

    that’s cool..glad to know this is out there for those that don’t have coverage.

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