Apple Orchard Picking With The JJ Cole Urban BundleMe

wDisclosure: This post brought to you by JJ Cole.

Each and every year when the weather starts to turn chilly and the leaves start to change from green to red, orange and yellow we pack everyone up in the van and take a small drive down the road to Lancaster County’s largest pick your own orchard, Cherry Hill Orchard.


IMG_9721This year was the very first time we had ever brought a newborn along with us and I was a bit worried that he would get cold. It gets really chilly in the orchard when the wind start starts to blow and a cranky, cold baby can quickly ruin an other wise enjoyable family trip. Thankfully Caleb was able to stay warm and toasty in his JJ Cole BundleMe (available for purchase at and

IMG_9730The quilted outer nylon helped protect Caleb from the chilly wind, while the luxuriously soft inner thermaplush kept him super warm. Getting it on and off of the stroller only took a few seconds and I loved being able to unzip it half way when Caleb got hot.

IMG_9774This year we mad it to the orchard in time to get Jonagold, Golden Delicious, Empire, Cortland, Fuji, Stayman, York, Rome and Cameo. The kids had an absolute blast and we picked forty seven pounds of apples.

IMG_9758We have a blast every single time we go, but this year the kids really got into it. They tried every single type of apple before deciding on their favorites and listed different ways we could consume the apples when we got home, including chocolate dipped, pies and caramel! I think my kids very favorite party of apple picking is that you can eat as many as you want, while your picking.

IMG_9737Are there any fall activities you do every year with your family?

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