Are Electronics Bad For Your Kids?

Being a mom is no easy feat. Sometimes you need some help and luckily there are many resources out there offering a helping hand (visit Mommy Authority and click here for more tips and tricks on motherhood). Having to juggle your work and home life can keep you super busy and it can be easy to just put your kids in front of the television or an ipad to keep them distracted while you are cooking dinner or making a phone call. But can electronics actually be damaging to your children’s health?Allowing your child some screen time is an inevitable part of a modern childhood. As children of every age spending hours in front of their media devices on a day-to-day basis. This, however, is not always a bad thing. There are many applications and shows that promote educational content which are great for helping children develop critical thinking and other parts of learning.

This being said, an overwhelming amount of information and studies have shown that there could be a direct link between delayed cognitive function and the extensive exposure to electronic media.

Let’s explore some of the issues electronics can cause:


Many parents and adults are not fully aware of how electronics affect sleeping patterns, but the evidence is alarming. When you overuse an electronic device (any person, at any age), particularly right before bedtime, your sleep is impacted negatively.

The blue light that is emitted from the various screens disrupts the brain’s ability to shut down and making it harder to fall asleep. This light tricks the mind into thinking that it is daytime – causing lower quality sleep as a whole.

This loss of sleep then negatively affects your child’s behavior the next day as it influences their mood and focus. A lack of sleep could also lead to sleep deprivation which, over time, is likely to lead to severe mental and physical problems.

Physical Health

Many studies have also found a correlation between a variety of physical health problems and the use of electronics. Because these devices make kids more sedentary (eat more and move less), the risk of obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and many other health concerns increase considerably.

Children need to be active, they sit at school all day and when they come home they continue to sit in front of the television, computer or their phones. This also stunts their physical development of muscles, bones, and brain.

Mental Health

Have you ever noticed that your child’s mood changes when they are using their electronic devices? This is because kids can easily become over stimulated by the images and videos they look at on electronics. This can influence mood swings, higher levels of anxiety and irritability. Studies have also shown that screen time is also closely associated with the increase in mental disorders such as depression, ADHD and suicidal thought patterns.

Social media has brought about a whole new level of bullying and promotes a standard of an idea that is seldom obtainable. Children feel greater amounts of pressure to be like their social media icons and this also leads to how they view themselves. Some children can even develop a real addiction to their devices, which has been labeled as “internet addiction”. This affliction has become so bad that many rehab centers have no been set up to deal with this problem.


Have you ever looked at a screen for hours at a time and then experience discomfort in your eyes? This is because electronics is the main contributor to many vision-related problems. Cases of dry-eye disease have increased drastically and an alarming number of children are now getting fitted for contact lenses. Computer Vision Syndrome, as it has been named, can also negatively affect spatial awareness, handwriting and a long list of motor skills.

If you don’t want your child or children to be negatively affected by their electronics, it is important to set some boundaries and limit their daily screen time.  This will help them to keep a healthy balance and stay healthier and happier.

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