Create Jobs This Holiday Season With Goodwill

Every year before Holiday-related chaos sets in I make the kids declutter their closets and toy collections. They get new toys and clothes for Christmas and my rule is one in, one out! Getting rid of stuff they no longer use makes room for the coming influx of new items, and then together we donate useable items to our  local Goodwill to help benefit other families and create jobs in our local community. I love that my simple decluttering process can actually help create new jobs in our town. Here is what we typically end up bringing to our local Goodwill- Clothing they haven't work in more than a … [Read more...]

Top Products To Choose That Ensure Your Children Are Safe & Sound

No matter how old your child is, you are always thinking of their safety and of products that can help keep them safe, whether they are at home, online, or on the go. Luckily, there are quite a few products to choose from out there that are designed to not only keep your child safe but make them comfortable while doing so. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the top products to choose from to ensure your children are safe, sound, and comfortable as well. Seamless Clothes Many children today have sensitivity issues. Whether it’s a sensitivity to certain foods, bath products, or clothes. … [Read more...]

#ShopWithYourHeart to Help Farm Animals

Safety and proper care of all animals is very important to me. I try my best to purchase cage free eggs. I limit our meat consumption and I often donate to our local rescues. But in all honestly, I often forget about the animals that help produce our food - especially during the holiday season. This season the ASPCA, Food Chain Workers Alliance, GRACE Communications Foundation, and the Natural Resource Defense Council are working hard to arm consumers with the information they need before they head to the grocery store for holiday shopping. And they are focusing on farm animal welfare by doing so. … [Read more...]

5 Things to Check Before Purchasing Crib Beds Online

It goes without saying that you want only the best for your baby, and you would go to any length to find the safest, most practical, and also dazzling products. But looking for the best commodities on the market can be quite a pain in the neck: there are so many brands, retailers, so many features, that making a choice becomes a burden.Luckily, online shopping came to the rescue! I use this option as many times as possible, because it's quick and comfortable. That's how I bought my baby's crib, and although it took some research, I finally got the perfect bunk to satisfy everyone – baby and parents, so … [Read more...]

SippyNipple – Turn Your Water Bottle Into A Baby Bottle!

Disclosure: This post brought to you by SippyNipple. We've all been there... Screaming baby... Overflowing sink! Baby needs a bottle NOW but all the bottles are dirty! Well with Sippy Nipple, as long as you have a clean WATER BOTTLE- you have a clean baby bottle.Sippy Nipple turns (almost) any brand water bottle into a baby bottle in no time at all. Simply remove cap from water bottle, assemble your nipple and locking ring and push it onto the water bottle. It's that simple. The Sippy Nipple fits most 8 oz. and 16.9 oz. US water bottle brands. Purple Ring fits Aquafina, Dasani and Deja … [Read more...]

Choosing & Using The Right Car Seat

My passion for proper car seat usage started 6 years ago. I can actually recall the exact instant that it became my passion. I was sitting outside the hospital, holding my tiny newborn Emmitt in my arms as my nurse and I waited for Nathan to bring around the car. I watched, with horror, a new mom trying to put her tiny, screaming newborn into an infant seat that was installed forward facing in their back seat. I alerted my nurse and asked her to go tell them the car seat was installed backwards, but she said it was a liability issue and there was nothing she could do. When Nathan pulled the car … [Read more...]

Smart Tech to Help You Fulfill Your New Year Travel Resolutions

Going on a vacation can be exciting, but getting to your destination and not enjoying your stay or trips along the way is the last thing you would want. Tech is here to make things easier and travel more fun. As you plan your travel resolutions, have you considered what you need to bring along to make your trip more convenient and memorable? Here are some tech tips you should consider to help you fulfill your new year travel resolutions: New Generation Smartphones: iPhone X New generation smartphones are hitting the market with more travel-friendly features. With improvements to camera systems … [Read more...]