TUNG Brush – The Brush For Your Tounge! #healthytongue

Disclosure: This post brought to you by TUNG. Did you know that 90% of the bacteria that causes bad breath lives on your tongue? I try and brush my tongue with my toothbrush (which is super bad to do, but more on that later) each and every time I brush my teeth but brushing the back makes me gag- so bad!  However, the worst and grossest bacteria lives back there, so it has to be done. Enter the TUNG Brush!The TUNG Brush was designed to actually clean your tongue differently than a normal toothbrush, so that you can actually get to that bacteria without setting off that gag reflex we all hate.  You … [Read more...]

A Better Florist Review – The Best Blooms in Singapore

Flowers are the greatest gift you can give to anyone, even if you don’t know the person. Know the right meanings of flowers, and you’ll deliver a message that’s thoughtful and caring, all wrapped up in pretty packaging, and if you’re lucky, fresh and with a wonderful fragrance as well. I was lucky to find an online florist in Singapore that has the best, freshest blooms and delivers nationwide as well. When you’re looking for a florist, you want to find the ultimate combination of affordability, excellent design and an efficient delivery. And if you can find it all, from the comfort of your room, … [Read more...]

RigiPad Baby Changer- Making Diaper Changes Easier Than Ever

Disclosure: This post brought to you by RigiPad. We've all been there. Middle of no where. Cruising down the road jamming to your favorite tunes. Kids giggling in the back. When you smell it. You know what I'm talking about. The disastrous smell coming from your kids diaper! There isn't a store in sight. So what do you do? Attempt to change them on your lap? You've done that before and ended up with poop all over yourself. How about on the hood of the car? Yeah that isn't an option. It's hot outside. What if there was a different way? What if there was a portable changer, that didn't … [Read more...]

5 Tips On Finding Boxes For Your Move

Moving to a new home or apartment can be expensive, but there are ways to keep costs down. Finding cheap or inexpensive boxes for your belongings are definitely a good way to save. Going to your local shipping store will charge you an arm and a leg to purchase boxes. Here are a few tips for fining inexpensive boxes for your move: Start Early: Unless your move is sudden, you should start planning early- and that also means saving old boxes. Boxes from Amazon, or boxes from your local Costco trip can add up. Planning early will allow you more time to scrounge up the supplies you need for moving day … [Read more...]

Back Pain Relief

Today’s lifestyles and jobs require long extensive periods of sitting. Whether you work an office job 9-5 or you’re a frequent traveler, no one can escape the stress and strain that long periods of sitting can do to your back. When we sit for long periods of time we put stress on our lower back tissues and cause fatigue to our muscles, which in return, results in hard-to-ignore, penetrating back pain!Fret not! There is a solution. Most common and highly recommended by physicians is the Orthopedic Lumbar Support Cushion. It significantly reduces the stress and strain put on your lower back. The lumbar … [Read more...]

Choosing the Perfect Greenery for Every Occasion

Special occasions call for unique and beautiful gifts. Whether you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary or planning a wedding, you want to make the event as colorful and memorable as possible. Rather than use boring decorations and props, you can liven up the scene of the occasion with plants, bouquets, and flowers in Sydney. You can shop for the perfect arrangement today by going online to the florist's website now. Birthdays, Anniversaries, and More Few gifts can express love, appreciation, and other heartfelt sentiments like fresh flowers. A bouquet of fresh flowers adds color, beauty, and … [Read more...]

Can You Lose Weight Using Shakes?

Many people begin to turn their attention to meal replacement shakes as the perfect solution to gain effective results in losing weight. As a rule, the most effective products are made of natural ingredients without any artificial components or stimulants. Such organic shakes can provide not only positive effects for your weight management issues, but also for health in general. The problem is to find these organic MR shakes, since producers prefer to make significant claims about their diet products, which in reality are not as superb as in advertisement. Therefore, it is recommended to make your … [Read more...]