Spoonful of Comfort – The Get Well Soup

Everything in this day and age is so fast. Go to McDonald’s and get your food fast. Head to a local car garage and get your oil changed super fast. Spoonful of Comfort helps you return to a slower age and send good old-fashioned chicken soup therapy, without making anyone wait. Each morning the Spoonful of Comfort kitchen simmers with award-winning chicken noodle soup made from all natural ingredients. Every jar of Spoonful of Comfort soup is carefully made in small batches to draw out the best flavors and ensure superior taste. It starts with delicious all natural broth made from a delicate blend of … [Read more...]

Dipe N’ Go

If you are a mom or a dad in this day and age, that has never had to change a diaper in the car, I want to know your secret, and I want to know it now. I don’t know how many times I have had to change a diaper in the car. When we had leather seats it wasn’t a big deal! But with cloth upholstery every diaper change is just asking for an accident that will leave a stain on my seats for years to come! When I ran across the Dipe N Go, I was a little confused. But when I got it in the mail, I knew it was a god sent. Dipe N Go, is a ‘portable changing pad’ with a large Velcro tab on the back. The Velcro … [Read more...]

Intelligender Review

I am not a very patient person.Not at all! With Ethan, we found out he was a boy at 18 weeks.With Carlee, we went for an optional ultrasound at 16 weeks and found out she was a girl. With this baby, we wanted to try something different- So we have decided to keep this baby’s gender a surprise! I have been Ohhhh and Ahhhhhing the Intelligender for some time! So when Intelligender offered to send me an Intelligender Test, I was ecstatic! A test, that can tell you as early on as 10 weeks the gender of your baby. Every mom who is planning on finding out the sex of their baby has to get one. My package … [Read more...]